Jerusalem, Israel's capital
Jerusalem, Israel's capital iStock

As Israel rejoices at the historic step taken by US President Trump, some media outlets maintain a contemptuous attitude revealing stalwart petty factionalism even as the millennia-old dream of the Jewish People moves closer to international realization.

On the day of the US administration's announcement of recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the daily Haaretz newspaper devoted two front-page columns to belittling the development, prompting other journalists, not noted for their love of US President Donald Trump, to distance themselves from the sentiments expressed.

"Don't do us any favors" read one op-ed, calling details of the move "murky" and warning that it could "scuttle any chances of a peace process [sic] in the near future." The second op-ed was entitled "Just an empty gesture."

Journalists working for Israeli papers unaligned with Donald Trump's agenda distanced themselves from the paper's attitude. Gil Hoffman, chief political correspondent and analyst for the Jerusalem Post, tweeted, "On this historic day for Israel, @haaretzcom headlines are 'Don't do us any favors' & 'Just an empty gesture.' So proud to work for @Jerusalem_Post."