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An indictment was filed Sunday against a 25-year-old Israeli-Arab college student for supporting a terrorist organization and inciting others to violence via social media.

The suspect, Mohammed Khalaf, lives in the Israeli-Arab city of Tamra, in the Lower Galilee. He is being charged with support of a terror organization, inciting to terror, and identification with a terror organization.

According to the indictment, Khalaf was a student in Shechem's (Nablus) An-Najah University, and had both Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Using these accounts, the suspect published words of praise, support, sympathy for Hamas and the Al-Kotla Al-Islamiya student cell, which is related to Hamas. He also expressed support for the Marabataat organization, which is active on the Temple Mount.

Khalaf published comments praising, expressing solidarity with, and encouragement for terror attacks. Khalaf also signaled his support for the Hamas terror organization on his social media pages, hinting that given the chance, he would also carry out a terror attack.

Three days after the deadly terror attack in which three Muslim terrorists murdered two Druze policemen on the Temple Mount, Khalaf posted a picture of a man with a mask, and wrote, "Jerusalem is burning. There are wars and conflicts in every Jerusalem neighborhood. Masked people are spreading out all over town. Every front is burning. All of Israel is angry. Tonight will be significant for Jerusalem."

The indictment quotes seven other similar posts.

The District Prosecutor's Office requested the suspect's arrest be extended until the completion of legal proceedings against him.

In the request to extend Khalaf's arrest, the attorney wrote that "the content and message of the suspect's social media posts over an extended period of time show how dangerous the suspect is. These are posts which received wide support. Some of these posts praised and supported terror, and some displayed identification with terror organizations. Not only that, the suspect's post were written during an extremely tense period, when there were several terror attacks and repeated riots all over the country."

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