Jewish visitors on Temple Mount
Jewish visitors on Temple Mount Zac Wajsgras/Flash90

This morning marked an end to the Jewish visits to the Temple Mount unaccompanied by members of the Jordanian Waqf, the Muslim trust which manages the Temple Mount, that had characterized the last two weeks.

Nrg reported that the Waqf again began accompanying Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount this morning, Sunday, following Israel’s removal of security measures it had installed after the July 14 Temple Mount terror attack.

The Waqf had avoided the Temple Mount after the installation of the measures as a sign of protest, and had called on Muslims not to pray on the Temple Mount as long as the security measures were in place.

Following the removal of the measures last Thursday and the subsequent flooding of Muslims into the Temple Mount complex, a massive riot broke out. The rioters attacked police stationed at the site, and also threw rocks from the Temple Mount onto the Western Wall Plaza below.

According to Nrg, 278 Jews ascended the Temple Mount, but many of them had to wait outside for an extended period, and some simply turned away after the long wait.

The visit this morning marked the first time that Jews have ascended the Temple Mount since the removal of the security measures.