Iranian missile launch
Iranian missile launch Reuters

Iran has quoted senior Israel Defense Ministry officials as saying that some of the Iranian missiles fired at ISIS in Syria "failed and did not reach their targets."

The Israeli report has said 3 missiles failed to even reach Syrian territory, 3 others missed their targets entirely.

According to Iranian officials, Israel does not know how to accurately identify two-stage Iranian ballistic missiles.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard General Amir Ali Khajizda told Iran's national TV station that they "made sure that the first stage would fall in the Iraqi desert," ignoring the part of the report that said that three missed the targets entirely.

"Israel does not know how to identify two-stage ballistic missiles which shed their first stage during flight," he said, claiming Israel's assessment of failure is based on the erroneous conclusion that the first stage is the entire rocket.

Israel, whose intelligence and tracking systems are considered among the best in the world, has not responded to the Iranian claims.

Iran fired the six medium-range ballistic missiles at ISIS targets in Syria, in response to a double terror attack in Tehran earlier this month which left 17 dead and dozens more wounded.

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