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Speculations continue as to who will be named by U.S. President Donald Trump to replace James Comey as FBI Director, after Comey was dismissed by the President on Wednesday.

A senior White House official told Fox News on Wednesday that Trump is expected to nominate a replacement for Comey "in the coming days", though the official did not specify how soon Trump would nominate someone for the position.

The official also did not indicate who was being considered for the position, but told Fox News to expect candidates who were non-political and could restore credibility to the position.

The network named several possible candidates for the job, including former New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

U.S. media has also named former New York City Rudy Giuliani as a possible candidate for the FBI Director’s position. Giuliani, a close ally of Trump, was considered a candidate for Secretary of State before Rex Tillerson was ultimately chosen.

Incidentally, Giuliani met Trump at the White House on Wednesday, but later told reporters that the meeting was not an indication he's being considered for the job.

Giuliani told The Atlantic that he's "not a candidate" for FBI director. He confirmed that he was scheduled for a meeting at the White House but refused to disclose the subject of that meeting, according to CNBC.