Gabi Ashkenazi
Gabi Ashkenazi Flash 90

Gabi Ashkenazi, the former IDF Chief of Staff, spoke at the Meir Dagan conference in 2017 in Tel Aviv today (Tuesday) about his friend Meir Dagan: "If it were up to Meir, he would have preferred that we talk less about him and more about the future of this country. I don't think there is anything more fitting than a defense and strategy conference in memory of Meir. Meir was deeply imbued with a sense of mission to the security service, and this feeling led him to dedicate his life to this mission."

The former Chief of Staff continued to laud Dagan, adding: "We were privileged to serve together and spend many hours together. Meir was brave on the battlefield from an early age and the stories are well known, but he was no less courageous at the negotiating table and sometimes that is harder. Dagan always knew how to maintain resolve and adherence to a goal, both in the face of the enemy and against serious illness."

To mark the one year anniversary of the death of former Mossad chief Meir Dagan, the Center for Strategic Dialogue, organized by the Netanya Academic College in cooperation with the Dagan family and his military and Mossad comrades, convened a conference in Dagan's memory. The conference deals with issues on the national and international agenda that were close to Dagan's heart.