Anti-Israel internet incitement
Anti-Israel internet incitementflash90

The Arabic edition of a left-wing online media outlet has allowed an openly anti-Semitic blog to remain on the site, and refused to respond to calls for the blog’s removal.

The Huffington Post Arabi site, the Arabic version of the popular left-leaning news platform, includes a series of blogs, handpicked by the editor, for commentary and opinions.

But as the Anti-Defamation League noted in early December, one of the blogs approved by HuffPo Arabi’s editorial board regularly indulges in explicit anti-Semitism.

The blog in question, which was first titled “Arsenic: The Poison Which a Jewish Woman Put in the Food of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him”, was added to Huffington Post Arabi on November 29th, the ADL notes, and has since released a steady stream of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Despite being notified of the blog’s anti-Jewish bigotry by the ADL on December 7th, the editors of Huffington Post Arabi have failed to either remove the blog or explain its continued inclusion on the site.

“It is troubling that an anti-Semitic screed cleared The Huffington Post’s editorial review process and that our concerns so far have been ignored,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “We call on The Huffington Post to immediately remove this offensive entry and to ensure that the proper safeguards are in place so that the Arabic site is free of anti-Semitism and incitement against Jews.”

While no formal response has been issued by Huffington Post Arabi, the blog’s title was altered after the ADL reached out to the site’s staff and now reads “Did the Prophet Die From Being Poisoned With Arsenic?” Nevertheless, the ADL notes, the blog still retains its openly anti-Semitic content.