Islamic Jihad terrorist child
Islamic Jihad terrorist child Wissam Nassar/Flash 90

A short film on YouTube postulating similarities between terrorism and organized crime has won attention across the Arab world and the West. Titled "Outside the Box," it suggests that techniques used successfully to weaken the mafia through civil society can also be applied to groups like ISIS.

Viewers thus far span the globe, including most Arab countries for whom the video was intended, which may account for the omission of Israel's experience with both organized crime and Islamic terror.

Footage attempts to show how trans-state cartels in Brazil, Italy, and the U.S. resemble ISIS in that they espouse ideologies, claim territory, incite and recruit on social media, and kill for killing's sake, whereas state actors have used education, economic development, and state-society partnerships to undermine criminality and promote "lawful culture" in their stead, seemingly echoing the Israeli left's classic economic vision for "domesticating" Israel's violent Muslim populations.