One of the weapons meant to be used in attack
One of the weapons meant to be used in attack GSS spokesman

At noon Thursday, Southern District Prosecution filed charges at the Be'er Sheva District Court against Mohammed Masri and Abdullah Ayash, residents of Tira and Qseifa, who planned to attack IDF soldiers.

According to the facts brought in the indictment, the two worked at the supermarket "Almashadwi King Store" in Be'er Sheva, where Mohammed Masri served as deputy director of the branch.

Against the background of outlawing the Islamic movement and as retaliation for it, Masri, who supported the Islamic movement and participated in a rally of solidarity with its senior official Sheikh Raed Salah, decided to carry out a terrorist attack against Israeli soldiers.

Masri estimated that a bus or a military base would be a suitable venue for killing soldiers and planned to carry it out by firing at the soldiers, running them over, or by stabbing. In order to advance his plan, Masri revealed his plans to Ayash and asked for help in finding a suitable place for a terrorist attack.

Ayash agreed to the request, and agreed to take part in the attack. As part of the plan, the two traveled together to the Dimona and Arad areas in order to identify a suitable place for the attack. They looked for a place in a relatively open area, in order to facilitate their post-attack escape. Among other things, they explored the Arad police station, and the bus stops at the intersection of Arad and Dimona Junction.

In addition, the two were planning to carjack a vehicle, which would serve the purpose of carrying out the attack, to be burned afterwards, without leaving a trace. Ayash was meant to act as driver at the time of the attack.

The indictment charges the two with conspiracy to assist an enemy in war, and weapons offenses.

The prosecution seeks to remand the two men until the end of proceedings against them.

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