Soldier Elor Azariya in court
Soldier Elor Azariya in courtFlash 90

Eyal Beserglick, the defense attorney for Elor Azariya, told Arutz Sheva in a special interview this morning that the trial is being conducted in a horrible way. He says that the testimonies are untruthful and that he is disturbed by the conduct of the witnesses and the ability to do justice.

“We, on the defense, have broken down the basis for all arguments presented by the prosecution,” he stated.

Beserglick explained that the defense proved categorically that the soldier in the area of the incident feared for their lives, something the prosecution tried to refute.

“From the 24 witnesses,” Beserglick told Arutz Sheva, “on the defense, we identified close to 14 witnesses that were in the area who testified to an overwhelming sense of fear at the time and the knife and yelling made that fear even worse. Even the strange dress of the terrorist caused the soldiers to fear for their lives as he was wearing a coat on a hot day and soldiers feared that he had the capacity to or had already tried to commit an attack.”

Beserglick blames the military police and military court for influencing the testimonies of the witnesses. He blames the military police and their disorderly investigations and stated that “we hear that witnesses were brainwashed by military police before taking the witness stand.”

“We will never know which other witnesses there are for us. We did a thorough investigation and, even yesterday, we located another soldier that wasn’t investigated by the military police and we brought him to court. He also described a feeling of fear in the area.”

“The man running the investigation is a company commander who got reprimanded about the way he dealt with the situation and it’s like letting the cat watch over the milk. Because his entire goal is to protect himself, the way he did in his testimony and that’s why his testimony contradicts the one he gave to the military police,” Beserglick stated.

According to the lawyer, the quick pace of the trial and the speed at which it was carried out is not fair and abnormal. He explained that usually criminal trials are not held this way. They usually give 3-6 months preparatory time for cases like this and the defense only received one week for preparation.

“That’s the situation we are dealing with and we, on the defense, will continue to deal with this case as best we can,” Beserglick concluded.

Beserglick says that, even with the attempts to convict the soldier, the defense will bring justice to light.