Smuggled Drones at Kerem Shalom Crossing
Smuggled Drones at Kerem Shalom CrossingTransfer Authority of the Defense Ministry

Security agents from the Transfer Authority - which monitors the transfer of all aid, supplies and goods that are imported into Gaza - together with Israel Security Agency (ISA) agents prevented the smuggling attempt of tens of drones into Gaza at the Kerem Shalom crossing last week.

The drones are suspected of being intended for use by Hamas and other terror organization to carry out or facilitate attacks against Israel.   

Members of the Transfer Authority, which is part of the Ministry of Defense, stopped an Israeli truck headed for Gaza that was filled with toys.

Upon searching the truck, it was revealed that the truck was attempting to smuggle a variety of drones of different styles and sizes into Gaza. The drones were all equipped with high level cameras that could be used to gather intelligence information as to the movement of IDF ground troops.

Other drone smuggling attempts were prevented by the ISA in recent weeks when trucks headed to the Kerem Shalom crossing were intercepted en route.

The successful thwarting of these smuggling attacks is due to the cooperative efforts of the ISA, the Israeli police, the Transfer Authority, Israeli Customs Authority and the Defense Ministry.

The shipment was confiscated and an investigation was opened regarding the circumstances of the smuggling attempt.