Yoav Eliasi, aka Hatzel
Yoav Eliasi, aka HatzelFlash 90

Israeli rap star Yoav Eliasi, better known by his stage name Hatzel, came up with a unique solution on Thursday for the scourge of Arab terrorism plaguing the Jewish state.

Hatzel posted his idea to his official Facebook page, which is avidly followed by nearly 150,000 people and has been recently recognized by Israeli media as a sort of nationalist alternative news outlet given the unofficial media from breaking events Hatzel exposes on his page.

The rapper, who along with his former rap partner Subliminal are widely credited with forming Israeli hip-hop, began by bemoaning the daily deluge of gory imagery of wounded victims and shot Arab terrorists.

"We've gotten used to it so quickly. Just a year of a silenced intifada and I put up statuses (about it) and everyone treated me like some kind of conspirator. And now two weeks of attacks without a break - that's all it took for us to get used to this situation," he said.

"What will be in another month, in another year, tell me? We have to come up with a solution, this has to stop," continued Hatzel.

After duly noting that he is not a military correspondent or politician, the rapper presented his own solution which came to him overnight, after first casting doubt on the idea of burying terrorists with pork - which "no one's really going to do" - or expelling the terrorists' families - which he said "sounds like a genius idea" but will likely be buried on some minister's desk and never be implemented.

Hatzel then held up an Adi card of the National Transplant Center, holders of which agree to donate their organs in the case of their death to save the lives of others.

"What do terrorists really, really hate? The answer is easy: Jews. What do you think would happen if in every terrorist attack they saved 10 Jews?"

The rapper explained that just as ZAKA emergency medical teams respond instantly to terror attacks, Adi teams could arrive "in a second to the area of the incident, to cut the organs of the terrorist. ...Anything that could save a Jew will be cut from the terrorist, and they'll donate them to Jews who need them."

"Instead of them killing Jews, they'll in essence save lives, and I think that for them what's even worse than being buried with a pig is to save the lives of Jews, and think, each terrorist can save ten Jews at least."

Eliasi continued, saying, "it will reverse things: who will want to go on a suicide mission when you know that basically you're going to save Jews? Think about it. ...The moment he dies he automatically becomes an organ donor for Adi."

"Less considerate ways too"

After presenting his counter-terror scheme, the rapper went on to present several "less considerate" methods of undermining the motivation of the Arab terrorists.

Hatzel revealed that the terrorists wrap their sexual organs to protect them from being harmed in the attacks they launch so as to be ready for the "72 virgins" Islam promises "martyrs."

"So when we bury them just castrate them, take off their sexual organs and bury them without them. I think that might cause them to stop and think twice, three times, a hundred times, before launching a suicide mission."

Then presenting an idea to security forces, Hatzel, who held a senior post during his IDF service, noted that the Border Police were recently given clearance to use "tiny" .22 caliber bullets "that are the size of an olive pit."

"It makes a hole in their a**, it hurts, they go to the hospital to get it taken out and they're out for a day or two and then back to their activities. It isn't something critical - unless you shoot someone in the head or the heart, and then they die."

Holding up a massive bullet on screen, Hatzel continued, "I think we should move from .22 caliber to 20 millimeters. ...I think this could do a bit more damage and instead of a hole in the a** they'll be left with nothing. That might also give them some sort of solution."

"I don't know if these are magic solutions or solutions at all, but at the least I'm sure it will piss them off, and that's good enough for me," he concluded wryly.