Police officer stands guard near Temple Mount
Police officer stands guard near Temple Mount Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Police shot dead a 16-year-old Arab who stabbed two haredi men in Jerusalem’s Haneviim street Saturday. The terrorist lunged at the two men, aged about 60, and stabbed them, yet they were able to get away and called out to a two-man police team that was standing nearby.

The policemen identified the terrorist, with a knife in his hand. They called out to him and ordered him to put down his knife, but he refused to do so. At that point, they shot and killed him.

“I and my partner were stationed at Haneviim junction, a static position for securing worshipers along the route, when suddenly a haredi man came and told us that there is a terrorist stabbing people a bit further down the street,” one of the policemen said.

“We immediately began running. A few seconds later, we were near the terrorist, who pulled out a knife, and even tried to draw close to us. We shouted to him to put down the knife but he continued and endangered our lives. We did what we had to do and neutralized the terrorist.”

District Commander Moshe “Chico” Edri commended the two policemen. “The policemen’s fast and determined reaction brought the terror attack to a speedy end and prevented the harming of more innocents,” he said.

“The policemen acted professionally, as is expected of them. The results of the beefed up operational deployment of the forces speaks for itself. We will continue with the reinforced deployment in order to protect innocents and respond quickly and professionally when a terror event occurs.”

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