"Homos stab back"
"Homos stab back"No credit

Graffiti inciting to violence against Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir and urging "homos stab back" was found Sunday afternoon, sprayed on a central street corner in Tel Aviv.

The graffiti against Ben-Gvir, reading "Ben-Gvir, watch out," was found near the other sample on a wall on Tchernichovsky Street on the corner with Bograshov Street.

Ben-Gvir submitted a complaint to the police as soon as the graffiti was found.

"I demand from all of the hypocrites and self-righteous who said in recent days that 'words can kill' to come out and condemn this act too, and I hope that the police will demonstrate the same motivation to catch those responsible as it invests against right-wing activists," said Ben-Gvir.

The statement refers to a recent crackdown on nationalist activists, some for positions they published publicly.

The graffiti regarding "homos stab back" would appear to be a call for backlash violence after a haredi extremist conducted a stabbing attack at the controversial Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem, murdering one young participant. Police afterwards arrested at least one person who voiced support of the lethal stabbing online.

Ben-Gvir stated that the graffiti threat against him will not deter his work.

"Every person deserves legal representation, certainly youths who are arrested without trial, settlers who endanger themselves for the nation of Israel, right-wing activists asking for freedom of speech," said the attorney.

He continued in enumerating his clients, saying the right to representation also applies to "Temple Mount activists asking for freedom of movement, and haredim who are persecuted simply because they oppose the abominable parade (gay parade - ed.) - certainly without any connection to (the stabber) Yishai Shlissel whose actions I oppose - and to Beitar Jerusalem fans finding themselves attacked by the media."

Ben-Gvir's comments about the persecution of haredim for opposing the gay pride parade in Jerusalem comes after a rabbi's wife was violently arrested and sent to the hospital on suspicion that she might have known Shlissel.

"Ben-Gvir, watch out"