'From Me to We' Conference
'From Me to We' ConferenceAgnes Jekil

Scores of young Jewish social justice and environmental activists from across the globe came together this week in Budapest to explore the connections between their commitment to supporting the Jewish community and their passion for helping the wider world.

More than 70 young Jewish activists and leaders from Europe, Israel and North America convened in Budapest Monday through Wednesday for a conference designed to address issues such as balancing community resources between Jewish and global causes and addressing collective Jewish needs without sacrificing global concerns.

The conference, entitled From Me to We: Between Tribal & Global," also focused on Jewish identity in the 21st century; the future of Jewish communities; and whether the Jewish people can make a unique impact on the pursuit of a more just and green world. 

“As the tension between universalism and particularism is as old as the Jewish people itself, we explored this dilemma to add a deeper layer to the conversation and tie it back to our Jewish heritage and activism,” said Limor Friedman, who with Tamas Buchler organized From Me to We.

“When people hear about the Hungarian Jewish community, they often connect it with the Holocaust and growing anti-Semitism,” added Buchler. “However, beyond these headlines, Budapest is one of the most exciting Jewish communities in Europe: a regional hub for innovation and revival. The "From Me To We" event was an amazing opportunity for our community to get involved in the global Jewish dialogue on social justice.”

From Me to We was created as part of Schusterman Connection Points, an initiative launched by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, a global organization that supports and creates innovative initiatives for the purpose of igniting the passion and unleashing the power in young people to create positive change in Jewish communities and beyond. From Me to We is being launched in partnership with the Siach Network and Minyanim.  

"We are excited to support young Jewish leaders in their efforts to drive important conversations about social and global responsibility,” said Lynn Schusterman, Founder and Co-Chair of the Schusterman Family Foundation. “I believe young people hold the key to building a vibrant global Jewish future, and we must invest in their passion and potential to do so.” 

Young leaders attending the conference
Young leaders attending the conferenceAgnes Jekil