Aftermath of Bat Yam bus bombing
Aftermath of Bat Yam bus bombingFlash 90

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court sentenced Mahmoud Anaza on Thursday for his part in a terrorist bombing in Bat Yam. Anaza, who drove the bomber to the scene of the attack, was given one year in prison.

He was sentenced under a plea bargain which included his confession to several crimes, including conspiracy to commit a crime, transporting an illegal entrant, driving without a license, driving without insurance, and interfering with a police officer.

Anaza is an Israeli citizen and lives in the town of Tel Sheva.

The bomb was planted on a city bus in Bat Yam in December of 2013. An alert passenger noticed an abandoned bag on the bus and notified the driver, who evacuated all passengers and called the police.

A bomb squad destroyed the explosives before they could go off. One police officer was lightly injured in the blast.

Two police officers were later honored for their quick actions in preventing casualties in the incident. Investigators said the bomb could have caused multiple fatalities had civilians not been evacuated in time.