Com. Yohanan Danino
Com. Yohanan Danino Flash90

Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino declared at the Eilat journalism conference Tuesday that the police equates organized crime rings with terror organizations. 

Referring to the Tel Aviv bombing incident last week, which destroyed the car of the state prosecutor handling the case against several organized crime families, Danino has declared the incident as a top priority. "We are doing everything we can to get our hands on those involved" in the murder attempt, he stated. 

In a discussion on "Police and Public Confidence," Danino noted that the rise in criminal incidents has created a wave of insecurity among the Israeli public.

"The police will not allow these waves of crime to continue," he said. "We have interrupted the sequence of crime and we will continue to fight against Israeli crime organizations. We will accomplish this by maintaining a strong and focused approach in all units." 

Responding to accusations that the police have been directly responsible for the upswing in crime, Danino explained that in the wake of published reports naming the heads of criminal organizations, criminals have attained celebrity status among some circles. Danino stated that the police have now ceased to publish lists of names of people implicated in organized crime to prevent further publicity. Arresting crime organizers without public knowledge, Danino claims, is the key to weakening criminal mobs. 

Danino also stated that legal options are being explored that would give the police greater tools in the fight against organized crime. He attempted to reassure the public that despite a seeming escalation in organized crime-related incidents, actual crime rates continue to steadily decline. 

Organized crime has become more and more common in Israel's south. Just this week, two more mob hits were attempted in Ashkelon and Gan Yavne.