Netanyahu with orphans
Netanyahu with orphans Netanyahu's Facebbok page

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met IDF orphans, accompanied by the Organization of IDF Widows and Orphans, on Thursday.

"We are all one big family," Netanyahu told the orphans. "The pain is present in each and every one of us, all of the time. The pain is personal and different in each person, but we share something, a common pain."

The prime minister wrote on his Facebook page after the meeting, "In this room, where I met the children, many of the state decisions are made. The decisions that are made safeguard the state of Israel. Their fathers are the heroes who acted so that we could live here, and the price is a very heavy one. We live with the pain every day. I do not forget my brother for a single second. The day he was killed was a very difficult day.

"We, the bereaved families, understand each other's pain even without talking, but you should know that talking and sharing eases the pain. Regrettably, it took me many years to understand this.

"There are 23,000 fallen soldiers from Israel's wars since the state was founded," he added. "In the Holocaust, 20,000 Jews were slaughtered every day. The difference between these two numbers is due to their fathers."

Life goes on and it is strong, Netanyahu added, despite the pain and the scars that remain. "I asked them, in the end, to keep on supporting their mothers. The mothers are an object of admiration."