A guard on a children's bus (file
A guard on a children's bus (fileIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The international Left is attempting to disarm the Israeli Jewish population as well, not just the American population.

In Israel, the campaign is snazzily packaged as a campaign for a "Gun Free Kitchen Table."

The message of the campaign is that security guards who take their weapons home with them are likely to use them to murder their wives.

The campaign's heads say that "studies prove" their claims, but offer little or no references to actual studies or statistical data.

The campaign does not say how many incidents of attempted murder, rape, burglary etc. were foiled or prevented from ever taken place by the presence of a firearm in the home.

The campaign makes no reference to the well-documented fact that there are huge stockpiles of illegal ammunition in the Arab sector, and that in any all-out confrontation between Jews and Arabs like the one that took place in 2000, an unarmed Jewish populace caught by surprise could be slaughtered by Arab attackers before police or the military could arrive on the scene.

The Israeli Gun Free Kitchen Table campaign was founded in 2010 and operates within the Isha L’Isha Feminist Center. It has ties to an international leftist campaign called IANSA, International Action Network on Small Arms.

Gun Free Kitchen Table claims to be "the sole arms control project in Israel’s civil society today."

"Civil society" is the term leftist activists use to describe themselves and their sympathizers, while portraying others as "military society."