Rabbi Elyashiv
Rabbi Elyashiv Israel news photo: Flash 90

There is high demand for burial plots adjacent to Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv ztz"l in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul Cemetery, according to the Maariv news website.

"People simply want to buried next to the genius," a hareidi politician told the website. "It is a very big mitzvah."

"There are, and there will be, multitudes of people who will want to reserve a space next to Rav Elyashiv," said Gabi Sheinin of the Hevre Kadisha company that is in charge of burials. "But in my estimate, these places will only be given to the truly great rabbis."

Maariv says, however, that according to hareidi sources, tens of thousands of shekels could buy a plot near the rabbi even for non-rabbis. 

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