The leader of the secular Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) opposition party in Egypt, Ayman Nour, says that the peace agreement with Israel "has ended" and must be re-negotiated.

“In practice, the Camp David agreement [of 1979, in which then-President Anwar Sadat made peace with Israel – ed.] has ended,” Dr. Nour told an interviewer on Sunday, “because it is an old agreement, and we must improve its conditions in a way that will correspond to Egypt’s interests.”

The remarks are worrisome to Israel, as they come from a leader of a non-Islamic party. The Tomorrow Party, in fact, was formed to represent a secular liberal democratic perspective, with a strong interest in human rights issues and political reform.

Nour, who sat in prison for over three years for his opposition to the now-deposed Hosni Mubarak, ran for President of Egypt in 2005. Officially, he received 7% of the vote, but is estimated to have actually received 12-13%.

“Egypt’s rights in the Camp David agreement are very modest,” Nour said. “Egypt will act with total equity towards all sides that want a just peace in the region.”