Dozens infected with coronavirus at Bedouin Arab wedding

At least sixty-five infected with coronavirus after attending Bedouin wedding in southern Israel, over 100 still waiting for coronavirus test results.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Coronavirus lab at Ichilov Hospital
Coronavirus lab at Ichilov Hospital
Yossi Aloni/Flash90

Sixty-five people were infected with coronavirus at a wedding in the Bedouin town of Kfar Al-Amrani, Kan News reported Monday morning.

The wedding took place a week and a half ago near the southern city of Rahat.

Out of 122 participants who received the results of their coronavirus tests, 65 of them tested positive. The results of over 100 other participants' coronavirus tests have not yet been received by the Health Ministry.

The Bedouin sector has very low vaccination rates: Just 34% of Bedouin over age 16 have received the coronavirus vaccine or are recorded as having recovered from the virus itself. Among those over age 50, just 54% are vaccinated or recorded as having recovered from the virus.

In addition, while approximately 1% of coronavirus tests are positive on a national level, 16% of coronavirus tests conducted among the Bedouin sector are positive.