Reasons to visit Israel in a private jet

Israel is beautiful, historical, and on everyone’s bucket list of must-see destinations.

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Any trip to Israel will be a journey of discovery full of unusual artifacts, a history buff's delight and a foodie's dream, and it's possible to combine the two and still have room for more.

So let's look at the reasons to visit Israel in a private jet, starting with Jerusalem.


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Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world and the capital of Israel, situated in the Judaean Mountains between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Jerusalem is considered the holiest of holy sites and is important to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike.

Israel also boasts some of the most luxurious seaside resorts renowned across the globe, including Ein Bokek, Neve Zohar and Acre - we couldn’t go to Israel without visiting Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv is very different from Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is the center of culture and entertainment, and a very European vibe is noticeable, with lots of eating out in the street in French-style cafes and bars.

Visit the Jaffa flea market or the Museum of Art, and it's also possible to shop till you drop, because Tel Aviv has all the luxury shopping outlets your heart could desire.

But there's more to Israel than shopping.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

With nine UNESCO world heritage sites to visit, you will never be short of historical places to visit. Choose from starting with Bahá’i Holy Places in Haifa and then Biblical Tel–Megiddo. None are more critical than the Incense Route and the Desert Cities of Negev - without this route there wouldn't be any trade and without trade, there are no towns and wealth.

Visit Masada, one of Israel's most popular tourist attractions on the history trail. Home to Herod the Great, with fortifications situated on top of a plateau of mountains, Masada is beautiful.

Akko, or Acre, is another site along with the White City in Tel Aviv: a 1930 modernist site made a world heritage site in 2003. Mount Carmel and the Caves of Maresha are important, as these are mentioned in the holy books.

Last on the list Beit She'arim National Park, and most importantly and famously the Old City and Walls of Jerusalem or the Wailing Wall.

Security is Paramount

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The difficulties in Israel are no secret and should not put you off visiting: Security is high, and so it should be. It's for this reason and others that private charter is an increasingly popular way to enter and exit Israel.

Privacy is one of the other significant factors to take into consideration. Discretion is critical, whether you are a cabinet minister carrying top-secret information or vital supplies, or just a busy executive working on a secret formula.

Private aviators are renowned for respecting the need for complete secrecy. This secrecy has been paramount throughout many world crises and displayed successfully over many years.

Flexibility and Security

Using a private charter jet allows travelers to visit three or four cities in a single day, and that's just not possible with any other mode of transportation.

There is also the question of security. Many top flight executives are literally worth their weight in gold and are such a precious resource that flying by private jet is the only option. Recent reports in the media state that the head of Apple, CEO Tim Cook, has stopped flying on commercial airlines.

Cook is in good company, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Disney CEO Bob Iger both relying on private planes for all their travel, according to the most recent company filings for each. Facebook and Disney agree that the reason for these decisions is firmly based on the flexibility and security of private charter jets.

Practical Safety Measures

Let's not forget: We are emerging from the most debilitating virus recorded in the last 100 years. Because of this, executive travelers in particular, are looking to minimize risk to themselves and others. Executives and essential staff can avoid crowds in airports as they go through a separate terminal for private jets. Security controls at private jet terminals are quick and effective.

All airlines are taking extra sanitary measures, and this applies to the aircraft and crew, but even more so in private aviation. Certified private jet operators are following the European Union Aviation Safety Agency's recommendations for protection.

These measures are stringent and put in place for the protection of all passengers and crew. Flying in and out of Ben Gurion Airport or Sde Dov Airport has never been easier or safer.