Sovereignty immediately or as part of Trump's package?

Trump decrees: There is no free lunch.

Walter Bingham ,

Netanyahu, Trump
Netanyahu, Trump

Walter describes his shows as informative and entertaining. Today, for the first and so far only time and very exceptionally, he calls this program educational.

Walter begins with his personal thoughts about sovereignty and the American contradictions - and also the forthcoming election.

And: A detailed explanation about anti-Semitism today and in history.

The Judensau at Wittenberg. (Wittenberger Judensau (Wolfgang Meissner 1596. Source: German wikipedia, original upload 18. Jun 2005 by de:Benutzer:Finanzer )

The Judensau at Wittenberg

A court in Germany had ruled that an anti-Semitic carving in a church wall dating from the 13th century should not be removed because the parish had placed a memorial and information sign so visitors could understand it in context.

Plus: We bring you an extended segment from a controversial panel discussion about the Trump plan.

Hear: Pictures in sound about the most unusual art exhibition you've ever heard of.