'Deal of the Century? It's the Deal of Shame'

Deputy PA cabinet leader says PA will reject all plans that do not include establishment of Palestinian state.

Dalit Halevi ,

Nabil Abu Rudeineh
Nabil Abu Rudeineh

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, the deputy leader of the Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet, said on Thursday that the PA rejects all the proposed political plans and would not grant legitimacy to any plan without the consent of the Palestinian people, its leadership, and its "President", a reference to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

"We will never allow anyone to speak in the name of the Palestinian people ... and we will not accept arrangements that will not lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital," Abu Rudeineh said at a press conference in Ramallah.

He added, "We will not participate in any conference that lacks international legitimacy and is based on the Arab peace initiative." Abu Rudeineh referred to the so-called “Deal of the Century”, the American initiative to settle the conflict, as "the Deal of Shame."

He called on Israel to transfer to the Palestinian Authority all the tax revenues it collects for the PA, stressing that the PA opposes the offsetting of even one cent of the funds it transfers to the families of the “martyrs” and prisoners.

The comments come ahead of the expected publication of the Trump administration’s peace plan, which is scheduled to be unveiled in June.

A source familiar with the Trump peace plan recently told The Washington Post that it will include practical improvements in the lives of Palestinian Arabs but is likely to stop short of ensuring a separate, fully sovereign Palestinian state.

The PA has been boycotting the US ever since Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December of 2017 and has rejected the US peace plan before it has even been unveiled.