Gestures to Hamas:
Liberman increases fuel supply to Gaza

Defense Minister to increase Gaza's access to electricity after reopening Kerem Shalom CVrossing.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Photo by Basel Awidat/Flash9

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman intends to increase the supply of fuel to the Gaza Strip as part of his gestures to the Hamas terrorist organization, Kan 11 Radio reported.

Today, the Arabs of the Gaza Strip receive four to five hours of electricity per day, and Israel will allow a larger fuel income provided that international funding is received, mainly from Gulf states.

The increase in the fuel supply follows another gesture: the opening of the Kerem Shalom Crossing in accordance with the decision of the defense minister, and in light of the cessation of terrorism by balloons and rockets in the Gaza vicinity.

The trucks and construction materials which entered Gaza today include 185 trucks, food trucks - 88, cement trucks - 82, textile trucks - 67 trucks, wheat trucks - 48, mixed trucks - 42, fruit and vegetable trucks - 34, electrical appliances - 22 , Diesel fuel trucks - 20, gas trucks - 14, gasoline trucks - 8, hygiene trucks - 8, other - 82.

Earlier, a political source stated that the Security Cabinet would not approve an agreement with Hamas without the return of the civilians and fallen soldiers held in the Gaza Strip.

"There will be no real arrangement with Hamas without the return of our boys and citizens to the home and the promise of quiet for a long time. The current calm is the result of aggressive IDF activity that will continue as necessary. In light of this, the Kerem Shalom operation was renewed and the fishing area was opened," the source said.