Watch: Police chase on the streets of Hadera

Driver attempts to flee police on motorbike, red lights, drives against traffic, and only then caught.

Mordechai Sones ,

Hot pursuit in Hadera
Hot pursuit in Hadera
Police Spokesman

A driver led police on a chase in the northern coastal town of Hadera recently after officers noticed that the motorbike the man was driving did not have correct license places.

A policeman who noticed the improper plates signaled to the driver to stop for a check, but the driver refused to obey the police officer's instructions and attempted to flee, committing serious crimes while endangering civilians.

The officer began chasing the rider and motioning for him to stop but the rider went on a wild ride against traffic, endangering human life and crossing intersections with a red light.

During the whole chase, the policeman motioned him several times to stop at the side of the road, but he continued the escape attempt and did not obey the officer's instructions.

After a while the rider tried to make a U-turn, slipped off the scooter and began to flee on foot. The policeman stopped the motorbike and went out to chase the rider who stopped after realizing he could not outrun the officer.

A check revealed that the rider was not allowed to drive by court order and that he was subject to probation, was never issued a driver's license for a motorcycle or motorbike, his driver's license expired in 1999, and the number of the license plate did not match the type of scooter he was driving.

The scooter was taken for 30 days and the rider was detained for questioning by the examiners' unit, after which his remand was extended until the end of proceedings against him.