Nikki Haley:
'PA leaders not interested in peace, US not going to chase them'

US Ambassador to UN slams Abbas for 'indulging in conspiracy theories', says US 'wont chase after PA' if not ready for peace.

David Rosenberg , | updated: 7:42 PM

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley

American Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley blasted Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas Thursday, saying that the PA appeared to be unprepared to pursue peace, adding that the US was not interested in ‘chasing after’ PA leaders in a bid to reboot talks between the PA and Israel.

Speaking during a United Nations Security Council meeting on the Middle East Thursday, Haley hit PA chairman Abbas over his January 14th speech at a gathering of senior Palestine Liberation Organization members in Ramallah.

During his address, Abbas excoriated President Trump, claiming that the US had delivered a “slap in the face” to the PA by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, warning that the PA would “slap back”.

Abbas cursed the president, saying in Arabic “May your house be destroyed,” and drew upon anti-Semitic conspiracy theories claiming that the State of Israel was part of a European colonial project intended to maintain control over the Middle East.

Europeans, Abbas claimed, “wanted to bring the Jews here [to the Land of Israel] from Europe in order to protect European interests in the region. They asked The Netherlands, which then had the largest navy in the world, to relocate the Jews.”

Abbas then quoted an Egyptian writer who claimed that “Israel is a colonial project with no connection whatsoever to the Jews.”

On Thursday, Haley said that Abbas’ speech proved he was unwilling to pursue peace, and said that the US would not “chase after” PA leaders who were not serious about ending the Israel-Arab conflict.

“A speech that indulges in outrageous and discredited conspiracy theories is not the speech of a person with the courage and the will to seek peace,” Haley said of Abbas’ Ramallah address.

“[The US won’t] chase after a Palestinian leadership that lacks what is needed to achieve peace.”

"To get historic results, we need courageous leaders," Haley said.