Watch: Home of Har Adar terrorist demolished

Security forces destroy home of terrorist who committed shooting attack in Har Adar. IDF arrests two terrorists, terror funds confiscated.

Kobi Finkler, | updated: 09:30

Demolition of terrorists' home
Demolition of terrorists' home

תיעוד: הריסת בית המחבל שביצע את הפיגוע בהר אדר

IDF forces, in cooperation with Border Police and the Civil Administration, blew up the house of the terrorist Mahmoud Ahmad al-Jamal from Beit Surik, who carried out the shooting attack in Har Adar on September 26, 2017.

Border Policeman First Sergeant Solomon Gaviria, aged 20, and security guards Yosef Otman, 24, and Or Arish,25, were murdered in the attack. The attack ended when the terrrorist was shot dead by one of the guards.

During searches for weapons in the village of Yatta, carried out by the Judea Regional Brigade and in the village of A-Ram, carried out by the Binyamin Regional Brigade, IDF forces and Israel Police seized two self-made weapons and two pistols.

The suspects were arrested and findings transferred to security forces.

During the night, IDF forces of the Etzion Regional Brigade, in a joint operation with Shin Bet forces, seized thousands of shekels of terror financing funds in the village of Abidya . The IDF said that "this activity joins the numerous activities of the IDF in the struggle against the transfer of funds for terrorism."

Likewise, IDF, Shin Bet, Border Police and Israel Police arrested two wanted terrorists last night. The two are suspected of involvement in terrorist activity and violent disturbances against civilians and security forces.