Tehran Says Saudi Security Top Priority

Feigning shock over Saudi concern, officials in Tehran claim the security of Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Allies is its top concern.

Gabe Kahn. ,

Iran-Tehran Flags
Iran-Tehran Flags
A7 Staff

Iran reacted to a Saudi allegation that Tehran was "targeting" the kingdom Wednesday saying Saudi Arabia's security was of paramount concern to the Islamic Republic.

"Iran has always wanted the stability, peace and progress of Saudi Arabia," the Fars news agency quoted 'unidentified officials' as saying.
"The security of Saudi Arabia and Iran are linked and the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the security of Saudi Arabia is like its own security," the official said.
Saudi Arabia's Al-Eqtissadiya daily on Monday quoted interior minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz as saying that the kingdom, which has been shaken by a wave of bloody attacks by Al-Qaeda, was still threatened by terrorism.
He referred to "Iran and its targeting of the kingdom."
The Iranian official reportedly expressed "surprise" at such claims, saying they were "baseless and aimed at creating doubts among the countries of the region."    
But criticism of Iran by Saudia Arabia and its allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council is not new and has already led the GCC to open discussion of creating a joint diplomatic and military confederation -- and to expand their ranks. 
Jordan will begin the process of integrating into GCC ranks in September. 
Despite Iran's protestations, Tehran's aggressive drive for hegemony over the Gulf -- including the deployment of Iranian spy rings, the backing of political agitators, and the support of terror groups in Gulf states and the region -- has only served to give Iran's 'concern' the lie.