Let Israel Be the Light Unto the World

I think I?ve figured it out. The people of the world have totally lost their identity and don?t want Israel to have their own. No, really. Have any of you traveled around lately? Between the global money, meetings and political correctness, little by little, the nations are losing whatever it was that made them special.

Arlene Peck

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I think I?ve figured it out. The people of the world have totally lost their identity and don?t want Israel to have their own. No, really. Have any of you traveled around lately? Between the global money, meetings and political correctness, little by little, the nations are losing whatever it was that made them special.

Paris? Forget it. I was there not so long ago and they have almost totally given up their culture to the World of Islam. I?m not kidding when I say within ten years the latest styles coming from Paris will be burqas. French Jews are not only being harassed, but two ritual murders of Jews have been perpetrated by crazed Muslim youths. Their synagogues have been bombed and they are told not to wear their yarmulkes without covering them up.

This is happening all over Europe and with alarming frequency. Anti-Semitism is at an all time pre-war-Germany high. The usual suspects haven?t been rounded up and jailed, however, as it?s not the skinheads of the past. This time, it?s the same ones who are causing protests at our universities with their anti-Israel rhetoric or firebombing Jewish day schools - in other words, Muslims.

Ah, but, that?s not politically correct to say. All Muslims are ?peaceful people? and it?s not nice to say ?words that hurt? when speaking of this group. We?re so concerned in this country with wanting to go and hug somebody that we?re going to compassion ourselves into oblivion if changes aren?t made? and soon.

Don?t even get me started on good ole boy, Jimmy Carter. I?m from Georgia and remember what a terrible governor he was, and an anti-Semite to boot. I almost got myself kicked out of one of his press conferences twenty-five years ago, when I continued to badger him with annoying questions about his obvious preference for the Arabs.

How dare Jimmy Carter tell the Geneva group and, indeed, the world, that the answer is for the Jews to get out of their religious, cultural and historical center in order to make peace? Would he tell that to any other ethnic group? To tell Jews that they should not be allowed to live in East Jerusalem or even nearby is an outrage! Their ?new? Oslo plan is nothing more than bias, hatred and discrimination against Jews. However, they cover it up by using the words ?anti-occupation?. Does anyone see a problem in this?

In fact, I even have difficulty in understanding how his comments, ?Had I been elected to a second term with the prestige and authority and influence I had in the region, we could have moved to a ?final solution.?? Wow, is that telling! The final solution for him, along with Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and the rest of the self-appointed decision-makers, who couldn?t even win an election, is the destruction of Israel. And their ?final solution? sounds like something out of the mouth of Hitler.

Frankly, I have a difficulty in understanding how we, in the United States, have the nerve to deduct almost 300 million dollars earmarked for Israel. These funds were promised, and are badly needed, but are being withheld as ?punishment? for Israel?s building a wall to stop the terrorists from coming in. Yet, at the very same time, we in the U.S. are spending far more to build a wall separating us from Mexicans, who are not coming to blow us up, but want to come in to work. Or end up on our social service rolls.

Our border/security fence with Mexico is concrete, sheet metal, three layers deep, fifteen feet high and surrounded by razor wire. The area surrounding it is lit by spotlights, monitored by camera, motion detectors and magnetic sensors, and patrolled by armed guards with attack dogs. But, hey, that?s just to keep the Mexicans out. Israel?s is being used to keep terrorists from killing Israelis.

The Israeli fence isn?t an obstacle. In this war of culture, the culture that teaches savages to blow up civilians in buses and restaurants is the only obstacle to peace. Terrorism is the result, but the core is the world-wide war that the nation of Islam has started against everyone else. Israel is just a sore in their side, because they don?t want one Jew alive in the Middle East or anywhere. And Christians, the rest of you are infidels, remember.

Has anyone told Yossi Beilin, Richard Dreyfuss and their very dangerous admirers that the greatest threat to humanity today is the world-wide Islamic terrorist movement? Hey, it?s obvious to me that the Muslim world has been very busy searching for the means to arm themselves and develop those weapons of mass destruction.

In fact, does anyone see that Beilin and company are devoting themselves to a destructive plan that only 18% of the Israeli public has approved? Israelis know it is an initiative that is not only damaging to national security, but an invitation to massive loss of Jewish life in the future. It?s not only the fundamentalists that have a plan for the destruction of the Jewish state - that is, if our, and the Israelis?, misguided ?leaders? don?t seal the fate of the Jewish state first. What happens to Israel?s leaders ten minutes after they take office that makes them so weak and concerned what others think? They?d best be worrying about what is good for Israel.

I wonder, how many of you know that there is a law in our country against a private U.S. citizen negotiating a treaty on their own with a foreign country? If any of our citizens tried that, they could go to jail. Gee, I wonder if our Secretary of State, Colin Powell, knows about the Logan Act, since he?s enthusiastically giving photo-ops to praise the ?New Oslo? and writing letters to Beilin and other Palestinians about how delighted he is and just can?t wait to meet them. Someone really should tell our State Department, though, that this fabulous agreement is a ?pretend? document that has no legitimate Israeli or even Palestinian backing; only that of out-of-work, unelected former politicians.

Funny, we?ve got plenty of them, but nobody is rushing to meet with Bob Dole or Al Gore to make ?treaties?.

For the life of me, I can?t understand how these ex-political figures haven?t been arrested for treason. Their master plan is to show the Jews as the obstacle to peace and any resistance that the Jewish State puts up as being purposeless. Obviously, they feel the Jews have no right to fight for their country. Let their be no doubt about it, the battle for the survival of Israel is being fought. It is outrageous, however, that the former losers of the elections are having a public forum to do their damage. Gee, I wonder if we should send in the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton to add their two cents to Jimmy Carter?s ?final solution?.

This illustrious group of losers who have no power, respect or confidence from either the Israeli or Arab population are running around giving press conferences trying to pick up where Oslo left off. The guys from Geneva are knocking themselves out trying to teach the world that political and actual terrorism pays... and pays... and pays.

These are the same people - Shimon Peres and his boys - who armed thousands and thousands of PLO with Israeli guns and even taught them how to shoot the damn things. The new-found success of their very own PLO army/police inspired masses of Palestinian youths to strive to end their useless lives by becoming ?martyrs?. The savages have murdered over a thousand Israeli men, women and children over the past three years and are leaving thousands more maimed and crippled.

Hey, that I understand, though. It?s a given that the Arab world has spent the same fifty-five years pursuing a ?master plan?. It began with teaching their children to grow up revering the thought of murder by ?suicide?. It is going to take another fifty-five years to hopefully bring these backward people into the 21st century, if they don?t blow all of us up first in jihad. Meanwhile, let Israel do what it has to do and let them be a light unto the rest of us.