Rabbi Nachman, the end of the Egyptian and Roman Exiles and Corona

The Redemption, say the followers of Rabbi Nachman, especially in these difficult times, is at hand - and we can bring it closer.

Barouch Levy

Judaism רבי נחמן
רבי נחמן

Rabbinical literature teaches us that there was a First Redemption.  This redemption, the House of Israel was recently commemorated during the Pesach holiday. But there will be, with G-d's help, another final redemption, from which the Children of Israel will be totally liberated from the constraints of the present exile. This redemption, the Rabbis have called the "Geulah Batraah" or the redemption that comes afterwards. Ths complete and final  redemption will bring to an end, with the help of G-d, what is known as the Roman Exile. This Roman Exile, obviously includes the destruction of the Temple In Jerusalem by the Romans, and the dispersion of Jews to those lands which embody the cultural inheritance of Roman Civilization as the integral foundations of Western Civilization

Rabbi Yisrael Ber Odesser, "Saba", Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman from Uman, describes and delineates these two parallel yet contrasting redemptions. " . . . Egypt was the strongest government in the world and we were slaves in Egypt. How was it possible to liberate Israel from the Land of Egypt? Who could fight against the Egyptians? But G-d afflicted the Egyptians with great plagues. and took us out of Egypt. Now has come the time for the Complete Redemption, with miracles and amazing events for all the world to see . . .  there will be miracles greater than at the time of the Egyptian Exodus (a verse in the Prophets). . . But now . . . What was then was only temporary, the Egyptian Exodus- OK. that was 4000 years ago, totally miraculous. There will be miracles (now) of which the world has no concept of such power. (Saba Yisrael, page 385)

Rabbi Yisrael continues "They will fall, not instantaneously, but there is accountability . . .  They will fall and not get up, they will fall forever for what they did .  . . . We will come back to G-d and there will be miracles. . . .Now is the time of Redemption. Great light will be revealed, the Complete Redemption . . . They will fall, fall, fall, down completely with all their wise guy outlooks philosophers and ideologies. The Torah will rise and shine in the entire world and also the secular Jews will see this, as it will be undeniable. They will come back to Israel and say 'I am a Jew'." (Saba Yisrael pages 376 -377)

Secrets of this final redemption from the Roman Exile, are to be found Rabbi Nachman's "Book of Stories", in the tale entitled "The Man Of Prayer". At the end of the story, Rabbi Natan, Rabbi Nachman's main disciple, relates, commentary from Rabbi Nachman himself, about this particular story. "Rabbi Nachman specifically stated the this entire story is based on what is written in the Book of Yishayah (Isaiah), chapter 31."  Thus even with a  rather cursory look at the book of Yishayah, the meaning of this story and secrets of "Saba", about the Final Redemption, begins to come to light!

In this story, Rabbi Nachman points out the folly of the country of money, a society, mired in monetary materialism, which believed that money could deliver them from an encroaching military threat. Indeed they attributed to money much more than that. Each and everyone's own self image in the country was flatly assessed in money. Cleary, Rabbi Nachman is  making an analogy, not  between this parable and a past society of the period of the Assyrian threat to Jerusalem, at the time of King Hezekiah, which was subjected to the rebuke of the prophet Yishayah, but  some future society

"Woe unto those who descend to Egypt for succor, horses they will rely, on great numbers of chariots, and mounted warriors will they trust. They did not place their faith in the Holy One of Israel nor did they beseech Him." Yishayah 31, 1).  For on that day each man will be disgusted by the god of his silver and the gods of gold, in which his hands have sinned. Assyria has fallen by the sword and not by man, sword and not human. (Yishayah 31, 7-8)  "On that day G-d will come with a great sword unto the extended snake whale, the coiled snake whale, and will kill the crocodile of the sea. I(ibid 27, 1)." 

The great medieval commentator, Rashi, explains  the meaning of these three creatures. "They are the three important nations, Egypt, Assyrian and Edom." The simply elongated snake is Egypt, representing the First Exile. The snake coiled and doubled upon himself, is Assyria. The crocodile of the sea, says Rashi, is Edom, the ancestor of most of the populace of the present day the Western Nations, the cultural  progeny of the Roman Civilization. Its mentioning, is of great significance for present understanding of events. Indeed. the Torah teaches, that  after King Solomon erred by marrying Pharaoh's daughter, a somewhat questionable proselyte to Judaism, the angel Gabriel stuck a reed into the sea floor, upon which arose the site of Rome, which in time, destroyed the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

Until historically only very  recently they wealth of the modern world, has almost exclusively been found in the Western, Roman nations, particularly the United States. It is in these countries where social reality is relatively most  similar to the wayward "country of wealth" in Rabbi Nachman's story, "The Man of  Prayer".  Also, within these countries, the criminality of European anti-Semitism has continued unabated from the days of the Roman Empire, through periods of the massacres. too many to list, culminating in the Holocaust, and which today manifests itself today's in European Union nations' anti-Israel attitude, until they were presently side- tracked with COVID-19. Within major American and European cities can be found bastions of libertine apostasy and anti-Israel anti-Semitism. It is these countries that are indeed receiving the brunt of the blows from COVID-19.  Thus, In as much as this pathogen does not mitigate itself or is stopped, it seem seems that Rabbi Yisrael's prediction, mentioned above, of destruction in and retribution from errant societies, presently correlates and will correlate with future reality.

The fall of Edom or Western, Roman, Civilization, in conjunction with the coming of the Mashiach, is specifically mentioned by Rabbi Nachman in his masterpiece, "The Collection of the Writings of Rabbi Nachman," part one, chapter 57. In the beginning of that chapter, is a quote taken from the Gemara. "The students of Rabbi Yosey Ben Kisma asked him, 'When does Ben David (the Mashiach) arrive?' He answered, 'When that gate will fall and be rebuilt, when it will fall and be rebuilt, and when it  falls again, they will not have enough time to rebuild it  before Ben David comes.'." (Sanhedrin 98) Rabbi Nachman parallels this repeating  rise and  fall of the "Gate of Aram" with a fall and resurrection of the "Gate of Holiness." "And when this arises this falls." "As  the "Gate of Holiness" is built for the third time, is  apparently an alluding to the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem for the third and final time. 

Those deriving substance from the Gate of Aram, says Rabbi Nachman here, are then suppressed. They are called, he says, Esau, Edom. Esau, the Torah teaches, was the twin brother and nemesis of the patriarch Jacob, later renamed Israel. He, Esau, also is the progenitor of Edom and the European nations and others comprising, Roman Western civilization. "This  third fall of the gate of Aram," concludes Rabbi Nachman,  is of Esau-Edom, in his vision of this manifold future scenario.

Coincidentally in time, but absolutely not coincidental, is that at the time of these harsh judgments, at the time of the end of this concluding and final Roman exile, will  there be the spiritual enlightenment. which is to be the essence of the Final Redemption. This dual development is stated quite succinctly in The Tikunai Ha Zohar,chapter 21. "At the time that the wicked are eradicated from the world, there will arise a prayer in the form tune of four components. They are: a single song of  the (Hebrew) letter yud, a double song, yud, kay, a triple song, yud, kay, vav, a quadruple song, yud, kay, vav, kay. With this, the Name of G-d, will arise in this prayer . . . which is the Torah in song . . .  and will Israel  arise from the exile in song.  As it is written. 'Then will sing Moses and the Children of Israel sing this song to G-d.'(Exodus 15, 1)."

Rabbi Yisrael, Saba, continuously stressed that that the end of vice and evil and the uplifting correction of those worthy to merit the Redemption, would be brought about by the single double triple quadruple, signature that he received in the miraculous letter from Rabbi Nachman me (from) Uman. He repeatedly and emphatically declared that this signature or song is the "key to the Redemption".

Clearly it should be noticed that the quoting in the Tikunei HaZohar from the Torah reading, just read on the Seventh day of Pesach, commemorating the death of the Egyptians at the Red Sea , a past historic event,  is clearly and strangely wrtitten with the verb, "will sing", conjugated in the future tense!  Thus clearly Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is teaching that this  song, which we ,"will sing" appearing in the Torah verse celebrating the finality of the past Egyptian Exile, at the splitting of the Red Sea, and Rabbi Nachman's signature song, which celebrates and expedites the complete end of the present  Roman Exile, still yet to come, are one and the same!.

Rabbi Nachman said, "I am the river that purifies all the impurities." Thus, in Rabbi Nachman's story "The Man of Prayer", the central character who cures those tainted with the malaise of money worship, is clearly Rabbi Nachman himself. Those cured came from the "country of money". The "country of money":is Esau, Edom, Italy, Spain, France England and New York and those whom have assimilated the cultural characteristics, of the Roman Empire in modern form. (Geographically, these are exactly the areas which are currently the most heavily contaminated and afflicted by Covid-19). Thus it is entirely fitting that Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman from Uman, Rabbi Yisrael, said, "All of France and England will be filled with Na Nach. Also Italy, all of the countries and China. they will ask, What is Na Nach? . . .This tune which is able to cure all disease. they will be amazed." (Nezach Yisreal, page 876, published recordings)

Those of  Western Civilization or subjugated by, this exile, i. e., everybody, who merit to be redeemed, will be so, by Rabbi Nachman, Saba! Conversely, for those who are not worthy of the final Redemption from the Roman Exile, apparently awaits them another fate, as Rabbi Yisrael is quoted as saying "Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. . .this is enough to destroy all evil, all of the darkness. . ."

"Now is the end of time. There time will come when there will such happiness, all the world will dance with joy." These words are attributed to Rabbi Yisreal. The Jewish People has seen a lot over the course of its long history.

There has been the Egyptian Exile and we are still not through with the Roman Exile. There world is now struggling with Covid-19. But it will all come to a happy end. But when will that time come?

The answer to that question is this!

Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levy asked Eliyahu the prophet, the same question. Why don't you ask the Mashiach himself, he replied. Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levy promptly did this, but was confused by the answer he received from the Mashiach, which was "today". Returning to Eliyahu for a clarification, the prophet replied , "Today, if you will heed His voice (Sanhedrin, page 98)." Rabbi Yisrael Ber Odesser, Saba also answered this question, in a very similar fashion. When the Nation of Israel accept the teachings of Rabbi Nachman . . .there will be  the redemption, immediately" .  Rather clearly, this voice, to which Eliyahu the Prophet intended, in his explanation of the Mashiach's answer to Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levy, and teachings of Rabbi Nachman, the song of Na Nach Nachma Nachman me(from)Uman, are the one and the same Messianic voice and song!

Thus, if we the Jewish People, heed this voice and song, Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, and anyone else in the world who merits to comprehend this, with G-d's help,  the Mashiach will undoubtedly arrive, "today"!!