The Haggadah: Instructions included

The Seder comes complete with instructions. And you have to make it relevant.

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Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold

Judaism אספן ההגדות
אספן ההגדות
Yoni Kempinski

Two months ago, my Maytag drier, that I brought on aliyah, reached the end of the road. We bought a new one, exported from Italy and made in Poland. It had English instructions, but I also needed a new phone and that had instructions in every language but English. We found 56 pages of instructions on the internet, but they intimidate me. 

The night of Pesach's Seder commandment is to relate the story of the Exodus, the means are the Haggadah. And no matter how many times you have read it, there is something  new to find. But it also comes with instructions, in Hebrew.


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