Let justice be served. Sue the murderer for his assets. 

Part of the motivation for killing Jews is an assured income from the PA. We can do something about it.

David Bedein

OpEds American money funding murder
American money funding murder
credit David Michael Cohen

After the murder of three members of the  Salamon family at their Sabbath table on Friday night, July  21st,  analyst Dr. Aaron Lerner   wrote that the murderer made a calculated financial investment.  In Dr. Lerner's words.  "19-year-old Omar al-Abed secured his financial future by murdering 3 Israelis Friday night... Al-Abed will no doubt be sentenced to multiple life sentences as punishment for his crime,  thus qualifying him for the same level of income as a senior officer in the Palestinian security services”Since  Omar al-Abed murdered  three Israelis, his triple  murder fee from the Palestinian Authority  comes to $3,000 a month,  for the rest of his life.  

All this begs the question:  Why should the government of  Israel allow the Palestinian Authority, nurtured by Israel, to provide a financial award to someone murders three Israeli citizens?

Why not encourage the Salamon family to sue  Omar al-Abed for his assets, especially for his monthly murder prize?  
A second question needs to be asked: Why not encourage the Salamon family to sue Omar al-Abed for his assets, especially for his monthly murder prize?  And since the parents of Omar al-Abed endorsed the murders, and since they will also receive gratuities from the Palestinian Authority for the murders committed by their son, why not garnish the assets of the parents of the murderer, who spent the week on the airwaves of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation, praising their son’s  acts of murder? 

After all,  an indictment was filed Thursday at the military court in Judea against the mother of the terrorist who committed the massacre in Halamish. , The mother of the terrorist, Ibtisam al-Abed, was indicted for praising her son's act of murder in an interview on PBC TV the next day.

The precedent of suing Omar al-Abed for his assets  can now be used with the victims of  9200 released murder and attempted murder convicts, who live on the award money that  PA gives them each month because they  murdered or maimed Jews. 

These convicts are not protected against civil suits by their victims. 

Therefore, the time has come for families of all victims of all Arab murder attacks to sue their assailants and attach their assets. ​​Since the Israeli military law allows the IDF to demolish the home of a murderer, why not allow the demolition of the bank account of that killer? And why not force every convict to hand over his PA  award to the families of those whom he murdered or maimed? 

These murderers would be forced to endure a long  legal process against them, and a severe loss of projected income.  And justice would be served