The Star of David becomes a Swastika in Germany

It is a work of art, they say.

Giulio Meotti

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Israeli flag balloons
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It is not the first time that a large museum in Europe takes part in nciting hatred against Israel and the Jews.

At the Antonopoulou Art Gallery in Athens, Alexandros Psychoulis has created a work of “art” from Palestinian Arab suicide bombers’ explosive vests.

The museum of the Jeu de Paume in Paris held the exhibition of Ahlam Shibli that glorifies Palestinian suicide bombers as “martyrs”.

At a museum in Stockholm there was “Snow White”, a tub full of red water on which a white boat floated with the photograph of the suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat, who massacred twenty-one Israelis at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa.

Now a huge artistic panel in Cologne, Germany has been exhibited: If you look it from the right you see a swastika, if you move to the left the swastika turns into a Star of David. It’s just a matter of perspective whether you see the Nazi symbol or the flag of Israel.

It did not happen in Iran, where Ayatollah Khamenei walks over the Israeli flag to polish his shoes. It happened in Germany and it is not an initiative of an Islamic group or neo-Nazis, but of a renowned art gallery. The work is signed by the artist Juraj Kralik. Juan Romero Cárdenas, director of the Spanish gallery Kir Royal, proudly claims the installation for himself, saying that “the ‘Four Seasons’ is about two state symbols, the symbol of Germany until 1945 and the current symbol of the State of Israel”.

A blatant anti-Semitism has been revealed again in Germany in the form of criticism of Israel. First the famous Berlin large luxury department store known as KaDeWe, the biggest in Europe, suspended the sale of Israeli wine. Then, for the first time since the Holocaust, an organization of German civil society has officially called for a boycott of Israel in the city of Oldenburg (Lower Saxony, 164,000 inhabitants), where a teachers’ union has published a document calling for a complete boycott of the Jewish State. The author of that document, Christoph Glanz, has also suggested to move Israel to Baden-Württemberg.

Professor Monika Schwarz-Friesel at the Technical University of Berlin analyzed ten years of threatening letters sent to the Central Council of Jews in Germany and the Israeli embassy in Berlin. The letters contained classic anti-Semitic statements such as “the murder of innocent children suits your tradition” or “in the last two thousand years you stole the land and committed genocide”. Much to the surprise of Schwarz-Friesel, only three percent of these letters came from right-wing nationalists, while more than sixty percent came from educated members of the mainstream, the good people who hate Jews. And if they observe a Star of David, they see a Nazi swastika.