How Trump blesses Israel

There are conscious blessings and inadvertent blessings, but the results are the same.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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Missing from the US headlines over the past few months was one particular country – Israel.

We know what happens when Israel makes the news. Nothing good.

When Israel has made news, say at The New York Times, it’s been below the fold.

Above the fold it’s been Trump, which counts as a blessing for true friends of Israel.

All the better when Israel can skip getting noticed by the ravenous press – and thanks to Trump for leading them down another trail.

True, once in a while it’s crossed the wires about the latest shenanigans from the terrorists who never sleep, mainly Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority.

You know the score. Everything belongs to them.

Their most recent attempt to grab a headline was about the Balfour Declaration. That one, about getting it rescinded, barely made a sound.

Trump’s been making all the noise. Any man who can keep Israel from being pushed around by the biased media deserves to be President of the United States.

Yes, there was something else in the paper about Israel, an editorial saying that Israel must – well, who remembers?

Poor dears need therapy because Trump won – and because Trump won Israel gets scant attention.
The friend who told me about it forgot the details. He did not read the piece (of dreck). Nobody did. Except maybe the thugs rioting on our streets because they lost.

Poor dears need therapy because Trump won – and because Trump won Israel gets scant attention.

In fact Israel gets ignored and that is a wonderful thing.

Which reminds me about Reb Shemtov over at the Lubavitch Center in Philly, which was my shul for a while.

One particular Shabbat the rabbi stopped everything to congratulate me on an op-ed I wrote for the Times.

This goes back to when the paper was civilized, run by A.M. Rosenthal.

“I did not read it,” the rabbi admitted about my op-ed titled “The Company Man.”

He intended to read it, but meanwhile it was already a triumph.

People wanted to know what was this great mitzvah? I sure wanted to know -- and what was so terrific about it if he hadn’t even given it a read?

Had he discerned something from his masterful Talmudic eyes? Actually, yes.

So now he explained that any article that takes up space usually reserved for cursing the Jewish State is already a success for the Jewish people.

The writing was beside the point. The column inches my article used up was the blessing in its entirety.

Think of what might have run in its place. This was what alarmed Reb Shemtov.

“So it does not matter what you wrote,” the rabbi explained. “One inch at a time you saved Israel from so much pain.”

Amen to Donald Trump for doing all that, and on a much larger scale.

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