Islamicized Europe or Nihilistic Eschatology

Europe's empty and hopeless nihilism paved the way for Islam to take over.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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Michel Houellebecq’s new novel, “Soumission”, tells the story of a French university professor, Francois, a secularized, single man who indulges in sexual pleasures and finds comfort in Islam. It is the symbol of a decaying Europe.

In 1979, another great French writer, Emil Cioran, wrote that European civilization was going to be defeated and that its decline was due to a refined inactivity, a sublime lifestyle. Cioran saw the day the church of Notre Dame de Paris would become a mosque. 

What is more despicable is in fact the old continent’s moral inertia. Only the naive, or the lying, can be surprised at the new episode of the ongoing war in the middle of Europe, the Charlie Hebdo attack and the slaughter in the kosher supermarket. 

Jihadism is derived mainly from Europe’s refusal to assimilate newcomers to Western values and from its multiculturalism regime. For decades, people in Europe have been affected by an official anti-racism which made them unable to think. Eric Zemmour, another French essayist, is right when he says that the European élites have acted according to the three D's: "Derision, deconstruction and destruction". 

One of the Kouachi brothers, the terrorists who decimated the Charlie Hebdo journalists, lived in a French apartment funded by the European Union and with its blue flag sporting yellow stars at his door.
Europe’s dominant ideology is anti-racist, philanthropic, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and moralist and it has been very effective in concealing a war under an obscure cult of “tolerance”. Europe’s secularism has become a hotbed for pro-Islamic multiculturalism.

One of the Kouachi brothers, the terrorists who decimated the Charlie Hebdo journalists, lived in a French apartment funded by the European Union and with its blue flag sporting yellow stars at his door. 

It is a primitive thirdworldism that is leading Europe to tolerate everything coming from the religion of the so-called “poor” and bring her to reclaim the skin of the Jewish people in the name of the recognition of man by man. That is why you find many hysterical anti-Israel militants in the French secular activists and leftist intellectuals. 

In Europe, the national traditions and Western values have been deconstructed under the watchful eye of Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and the lost gaze of the political and intellectual class. The Red Guards of Europeism, a mixture of "free thinkers", Islamophiles, gender feminists, militants of atheism and euthanasia fans, have created the nihilistic terror which just turned Paris into a war zone. 

It is the story of two French intellectual icons. The first is Roger Garaudy, the philosopher-author of dozens of books, the eternal heretic, who began his career as a communist, then converted to Catholicism and finally found peace in the Islamic religion and wrote Holocaust denial pamphlets. In Tehran, Garaudy discovered that the Islamic chador is the answer to the Western striptease and the muezzin prayer is the answer to the noise of European rock’n’roll. 

Meanwhile, another French leftist guru, Michel Foucault, was in Iran admiring Ayatollah Khomeini, "a saint" to him. Deliberately esoteric, Foucault was an extreme libertarian, a denier of the truth. Foucault did not believe there was a purpose in life or in society and that all laws were useless.

Foucault was, above all, the philosopher who proclaimed not the death of God, as Nietzsche did, but "the death of man". Foucault denied the very possibility of freedom and offered the Western generation of the Sixties the excuse for passivity. Foucault, in fact, died of Aids after having it contracted in the San Francisco's gay saunas. For him, and his generation, pleasure was linked with death. He knew that it was dangerous to enjoy anonymous sex, but he did it anyway. 

That fate is shared by Foucault with two other French intellectuals, two other destroyers of truth. Gilles Deleuze, who threw himself from the window of his apartment in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, and Guy Debord, who took his own life on a cold day in a farmhouse in the Auvergne.

Foucault's nihilism culminates in a kind of eschatology, a secular millennialism where sex and death are mixed in a final, fatal and anonymous encounter. The fallen angel. Islamicized Europe.