Hate Fest at Stanford U. - Where is the Jewish Protest?

Stanford University prepares to host a hate-the-Jews fest this weekend and exclude Jews.

Lee Kaplan

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מפגינים נגד ישראל סמוך לבית הלבן
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A leader of the 'National Students for Justice in Palestine' movement in the United States  once stated that the destruction of the Jewish state and its replacement by a Palestinian one will come about through the American college system. And Stanford University is more than willing to sully its good name by helping that statement to come true.

This coming weekend, October 25th thru 27th, Stanford is hosting a National SJP Conference on its Palo Alto campus in California. The event, sponsored by the Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine, will be another anti-Jewish hate fest where students from around the country will gather to learn how to attack the Jews in America and Israel.

Jews are the only ethnic group on US campuses that it is politically correct to attack these days, anti-Semites simply substitute the euphemism “Zionist” whenever they really mean Jews.

These events are not educational dialogue sessions, nor will this conference promote peace in the Middle East; it will continue to call for the end of Israel in cleverly worded terms.

The organizers, with Stanford’s blessing, insist they will vet every person who wants to attend the event by requiring they provide an SJP activist for reference who will vouch for their toeing the party line against Israel. The organizers, of course, will try to claim they don’t restrict Jews from the event; after all, they have some “Jews” who are opposed to Israel’s existence or a Jewish state - some paid for doing so - who will serve as false markers to "prove" that there is no prejudice involved. However, Jews who are “Zionists” or believe in a Jewish homeland are to be intentionally excluded.

Rather than maintaining educational dialogue or even promoting peace or a two state solution, attendees sit in on training sessions on how to attack both American and Israeli Jews and their businesses and how to infiltrate Jewish organizations and federations in order to promote a non-Jewish state to be filled with Arab “refugees” to outnumber the Jewish population .

False accusations of apartheid will abound as the Arab organizers promote the very apartheid against Jews that they claim to abhor.

Since most Jews are “Zionist” - the belief in a Jewish homeland is part of the faith and “next year in Jerusalem” has been recited by real Jews for over 2,000 years - what this amounts to is discrimination against Jews who might want to attend this Stanford event to learn something and also to see first-hand the anti-Semitism and endorsement for terrorist groups that goes on inside.

At a similar conference held at Georgetown in 2006, Huwaida Arraf, a co-founder and leader of the movement wrote the Washington Post and confirmed that SJP and its ISM counterparts work closely with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the PFLP.

Imagine if the Ku Klux Klan wanted to have a national conference on  the Stanford campus to train “activists” in how to boycott black individuals and businesses in Northern California  and could then claim they are not anti-black because they muster  a few blacks to agree with them, Tokyo Rose style.

And if they said they would tolerate blacks in New York, Miami and Chicago but promoted boycotting them in the Bay Area, do you think Stanford would permit it? Absolutely not.

Yet Stanford is allowing exactly that deception in attacking Jews and Israel by misusing the term “Zionist”. The home page of the Stanford event clearly states that every attendee must  be personally  vetted first to determine if they support the SJP platform to attend this event. It is even advertised on the Stanford U. website.

What is more, the media requirements for the event state that members of the media, after being vetted personally, cannot interview attendees or ask their opinions even if the interviewees consent to being interviewed.

What this event amounts to is a secret meeting on a US college campus in order to attack the Jews. Stanford is a private college, but it does receive some taxpayer subsidies from the American taxpayer.

Jewish alumni from Stanford should also know about the administration’s pusillanimous approach to discriminating against Jews who want peace in the Middle East that includes Israel’s existence. Part of the reason for the secrecy for this event is that the organizers also wish to purge pro-Palestinian Arab members who do not adhere to the party line of ending the Jewish state’s existence or prefer a two state solution.

Stanford’s own rules of conduct do not allow discrimination based on religion. The SJP organizers claim the event is by invitation only, but is open to anyone who is an SJP activist or alumni. Jews whose religion specifies a Jewish homeland, are deliberately excluded and discriminated against.

If you’d like to let the administration know how you feel about this at Stanford, send an email to:

NanHowe@Stanford.edu and the Stanford President: President@stanford.edu

To date, the administration has failed to address the major question if the organizers of this event are indeed sponsors and promoters of Hamas, PIJ and the PFLP.

If the Jewish community would finally protest anti-Jewish hate fests in American colleges like Stanford, maybe peace could become possible. But this Stanford event is meant to accomplish the opposite.