It Pays to Mutilate Jewish Children

Terrorism has led to sad and inglorious appeasement. And because the Palestinian leadership has always used terrorism as the tactic of first resort, their cause has received worldwide recognition.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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The terrorists’ proper place is in the Meditarranean with Adolf Eichmann, who was hanged and his ashes disposed of at sea.
A Jewish mother and her babies burned alive in a car after a firebomb was thrown through the window. The cruel disfiguring of her small children. The mutilation of Jewish families. And the Israeli establishment which, in order to please the Western anti-Semitic conscience, has been so naive that the country that once repeated that "terrorism doesn't work" now releases the murderers of the Moses family.

At the entrance to Alfei Menashe there is a monument remembering Ofra Moses and her son Tal. If you look closely, you can make out the figure of Ofra still in her car seat–with Tal closely behind her, burned to death by Arabs. "What else does a man, a terrorist like this, have to do in order to get the death sentence?'', the father, Avraham Moses said, after the sentence of life imprisonment was announced.

Arab torture and terrorism work. And the mutilation of Jewish families led to political gains. There is no other logical conclusion we can draw after Israel decided to free dozens of monsters who in the pre Oslo era killed hundreds of Jews. Terrorism has been a winning strategy for Arab irredentism.

First of all, the Jews killed by Palestinians are treated as second class victims by global and humanitarian organizations, by the robber barons of The Hague international Court, by the mainstream media and by the Israeli establishment itself. It is as though these Jews have never existed. Their blood has been shed for nothing.

Second, the Arab terrorists have never been put to death, like was done to Timothy McVeigh, the bomber of Oklahoma City. They paid a very low price for the crimes they committed against the Jewish people.

Third, terrorism politically led to an infinite and absurd wave of Israeli retreats: Yamit, South Lebanon, Gush Katif, North Samaria... The Palestinian Arabs already control  60 percent of Judea and Samaria.

Were it not for their employment of despicable terrorism, the Palestinian cause would today be regarded as the non-issue that it rightfully is. But because the Palestinian leadership has always used terrorism as the tactic of first resort, their cause has received worldwide recognition. The Popes, the White House, the UN, the New York Times, even the liberal Jews, everybody loves the Arabs.

Terror attacks on scores of unarmed Jewish civilians by Palestinian factions have succeeded in moving the Israeli electorate and politicians towards an accommodating stance regarding the political objectives of the Palestinians. There is an upward trend over time in the willingness of Israelis to make concessions, from 39% in 1988 to 57% in 2006. Terrorism led to appeasement. Evil is advancing.

First, under Oslo, Israel gave the Arabs the arms so they could kill the Jews. Then, by freeing the terrorists who used those weapons, Israel sent a clear message to the Palestinian supremacists: you have no other choice but armed struggle.

Capitulating culminates in greater disasters. Sparing the terrorists’ lives encourages other subhumans to take innocent lives.

Mus’ab Ismail aI-Hashlimun, after his release in the Tennenbaum deal sent two suicide terrorists to Beer Sheva where they killed 16 people. Appeasement breeds death and destruction.

The Arab terrorists with minor sentences should suffer solitary confinement, no visitors rights, no academic studies, no goodies, no newspapers or television, their house demolished.

The most serious terrorists should be sent to the gallows, and all their families should be deported to Jordan. The terrorists’ proper place is in the Meditarranean with Adolf Eichmann, who was hanged and his ashes disposed of at sea.

Israel should learn from the case of Robert Brasillach, who in 1945 went before a firing squad in the fort of Montrouge, south of Paris. He was not a Nazi military leader, but a brilliant writer who used the newspaper he edited, Je Suis Partout, to applaud the deportation of Jews to extermination camps.

Not even the bodies of these Arab terrorists should be allowed to return to Ramallah, the world’s capital of necrophilia. If Israel doesn’t value the lives of its citizens enough to execute those who don’t, Israeli lives will continue to be taken by those who don’t value anyone’s life. Jews and non Jews.

There is just one honorable way to defeat the bloody blisters: be merciful with the victims, be unscrupulous with the assassins.

We must admit that under this perennial threat of terrorism, many innocent Jews lost their lives, too many were wounded, too many remained traumatized, too many continue to undergo therapy, too many live their lives wheelchair-bound, while the Arab savages paid a very small price, they enjoyed the newspapers' support - and  idiotic Israel has been diminished in dimension, might and honor. Jews died and the Arabs almost got a state.

True. The Israeli buses continued to travel even if they left burned carcasses here and there, and the stops were always crowded. The supermarkets stood open. Every time a bomb exploded, the signs of the blast were quickly removed; windows were repaired; bullet holes were patched. The places that were blown up reopened after two days.

Israel has lost 22,570 soldiers in war, and 2,000 citizens in terrorist attacks since the Olso Accords, but the population has not abandoned the stone houses, the alleyways or restaurants, nor the beaches and bars of Tel Aviv; no one has stopped attending schools or universities; Israeli medicine, physics, and agriculture continue to produce Nobel Prizes.

But at the end of the day, terrorism worked, because Israel is giving into it and rewards it. And because the world intimately loves to see mutilated Jewish babies.

Who is winning in this tragic race between the Israeli bereaved mothers and the hate-filled Arab mothers who send their own children out to murder Jews and die?
You know the answer. I do, and it makes me sad.