America is Retreating on all Fronts

Make no mistake: Obama hates Israel and wants to make her weak, but he is also weakening the USA.

Victor Sharpe

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Victor Sharp;e

Chuck Hagel refused to release documents on sources of his foreign funding because he is purportedly receiving donations from “Friends of Hamas.” Yet he has been saved from senatorial and public exposure by none other than Senator Carl Levin, another Jewish American politician who, like Senator Chuck Schumer, is a disgrace and an enabler of those in the Obama Administration who are patently anti-Israel and even harbor dark thoughts about Jews.

And there are reports that Obama’s CIA nominee, John Brennan, secretly converted to Islam when he was stationed in Saudi Arabia. Again, it is almost a given that these same Jewish senators, Levin and Schumer, will vote him into office to their shame and for much of American Jewry. For them what matters above all else is the Democrat party, even though it has swung far to the Left and harbors in its midst many with an animus towards the Jewish state.

And one must ask why has Obama chosen Hagel, Kerry and Brennan for such critical U.S. security positions? Well, let me answer what is a rhetorical question. Because Obama hates Israel and purposely surrounds himself with apparatchiks who share his baleful world view.

My advice to Israel and to Prime Minister Netanyahu when Obama comes to visit is to put absolutely no faith in whatever assurances he may offer. Obama will not take any serious action against Iran, rather he will instead take action against the interest of the Jewish state. He will not embrace Netanyahu in a positive and true rapport but will demand concessions from Israel that will amount to national suicide. As long as Obama is president, Israel will not receive any support in defending itself against either nuclear threats from Iran or from Palestinian Arab crimes and aggression. Indeed, Obama wants a Palestinian state and will stop at nothing to see it carved out of the Land of Israel.

Israeli leaders should not want to please Obama by giving in yet again to the disastrous policies of “land for peace” or a two-state-solution.” Both have led Israel into catastrophes and to repeat such mistakes is what others have described as a symptom of insanity. Israel must prevent Iran at all costs from obtaining nuclear weapons capability. This is the supreme obligation for national survival. The Jewish state must do so regardless of President Obama’s pressure or from that of his subordinates, whether it be from Hagel, Kerry or Brennan.

Meanwhile, the Obama regime is busily abandoning America’s influence in the world by surrendering to Islam. Obama is clearly letting Iran go nuclear. Look at his dire policy of supplying F-16 fighter planes and 200 Abrams tanks to the evil - yes it is evil - Muslim Brotherhood that now oppressively rules Egypt.

Obama allegedly allowed the U.S. Ambassador to Libya to be murdered, raped and dragged through the streets by Al Qaeda thugs and there are questions swirling in Washington as to where the president was during those fateful eight hours while the siege and needless slaughter went on.

And, as Daphne Anson wrote in a recent American Thinker article about Muslim immigration into America, “Muslims are immigrating at record-breaking speeds, doubling their numbers since 9/11, and making Islam the fastest-growing religion in the United States.”

And she continued, “… we're pretending that jihadi attacks on our troops at Fort Hood and Little Rock, Arkansas are "workplace violence" and "street crime. And we're making believe that the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood penetration of our government is really a grand, multicultural celebration.”

Israel must not be lured, therefore, into believing any promise that President Obama will make before, during and after his visit. After all, he is the man who proclaimed at the United Nations, "… the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

What should that tell you? It tells me that America is retreating on all fronts, both domestically and internationally, and without a strong United States the world is fast entering a perilous time.

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