Israel Must Define the Target - and Take Aim

Enough is enough, says the writer. Let Israel wean itself from US passivity and start giving back as good as it gets.

Lee Kaplan

צילום: INN:LK

I’ve been a student of geopolitical history all my life. One thing I’ve learned from modern warfare is that appeasement of fascists has never worked as a viable foreign policy to avoid war.

Israel’s head is spinning like a drunk who spent the night at the pub. The question is, will the drunk be able to make his way home? To do so, what must he do?

I’ve witnessed an Israel that always in the past dotted its i’s and crossed its t’s try to emulate the United States’ approach to war. The US in the 20th century sat on its hands and waited to be attacked - after the First World War - before engaging in war. The details were ignored until it was too late and casualties were sustained.

The United States needed Pearl Harbor to enter World War II even though it was trying to resist Japanese atrocities against the Chinese and the threat they posed to the Far East At the same time, the US sent aid to England and only joined the fray to stop fascist Germany when they declared war on the US. It took 9/11 to wake up the US to Al Qaeda.

Israel cannot afford its own Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

More dangerously, today, for the United States, Israel is England. There is the naivete of a US President who thinks he can counter one group of fascist thugs, the Iranians,- who are Shiites - by aligning the US with the mostly Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, which is being helped to take control of the Arab world by the U.S. State Department in order to ultimately counter Iranian expansionism.

Both parties in the US are following this State Department strategy, so that the outcome for Jews in Israel will be the same no matter who gets in. However, there is  no doubt the Muslim Brotherhood will eventually join ranks with the Iranians, ignoring the US while Israel pays the greatest price.

Let’s face it. The Palestinians are a terrorist organization originally set up by Egypt to attack and destroy Israel. They consist of a few million Arabs who have been indoctrinated to believe they are a nationality separate from other Arabs and deserving of a country to add to the Muslim pro-fascist ummah in the Middle East. Extortion, terrorism and murder have been the Palestinian modus operandi since at least 1948.

This has pitted a democratic Israel and America against a fascist alliance of states who not only support a group of thugs—the PLO and Hamas—but who for many years were also forced to pay tribute for their own protection to each other. Saudi and Gulf Sheiks gave money to Arafat to avoid their sons being murdered and all the Arab governments set up a tithing system for Arabs designated “Palestinians” living within their borders that went to the PLO.

The PLO gained power and influence by joining with other totalitarians in the Soviet Union to counter American democracy in the Middle East.  Nevertheless,, both the American and Israeli "enlightened" democracies, opened up the floodgates to the propaganda campaigns that are the mother’s milk of totalitarian regimes.

Westerners in business suits cannot comprehend the mindset of the Palestinians and their totalitarian brothers. They think that if an Arab has a nice job, a house, a chicken in the pot and the right to vote - he’s going to enjoy his life and stop wanting to kill Jews. The truth is, the Arab wants all those things plus the right to at least dominate, if not ultimately liquidate, the Jews.

An international campaign to boycott and divest from Israel and Jews is now being promotedt by pro-terror anarchists, such as International Solidarity Movement (ISM) members, who have found it profitable to call themselves “peace activists." They used to call themselves “human shields” for totalitarian regimes. Most are communist/anarchist in mindset and mean to bring down the West.

The Jews are the glue that binds them to the Muslim and Christian fascists in the Levant. To the western communists and their allies, Jews are the rich capitalists who run the economic system that must bedismantled for a communist-type government.

In their correspondence, many of the International Solidarity Movement members still refer to each other as “comrade” and talk about colonialism and imperialism as if they really understood what the words meant. They parrot the Stalinist line against Zionism. To the Muslims and Palestinians, Jews are the enemy to be overcome by the ummah, to be subordinated to the master race of Arabs and Muslims.  Hence, the two groups share a common cause.

How does the spinning drunk make his way home? He stops playing the fool.
America and Israel are not fighting this fascist and totalitarian enterprise as it needs to be fought. Every year that passes brings the world closer to nuclear war because these Arab groups are constantly appeased.

In the U.S., Saudi and other Gulf money (and even some from the PLO) has bought propaganda influence in the educational system against Israel. Students are literally indoctrinated with made up history about Israel and the Middle East, while student agents demonstrate on campuses across the nation in coordinated propaganda shows that purport to reveal Israeli atrocities against the Arabs -  when in fact Israel tries to bring its Israeli Arab population into the fold and has given autonomy to 95% of the Palestinian Arabs.

Money has even bought an Institute of Palestine Studies at Columbia University. Columbia, it should be recalled, was also enthusiastic about the Nazis before the Second World War.

Slogans such as “ethnic cleansing”, “human rights violations,” “apartheid” are constantly thrown out describing Israel, when the truth is that these word are descriptive of the Arab/Iranian/Palestinian agenda’s  policies,  even to their own people. The Palestinians accuse Israel, with 1.2 million Arab citizens of “genocide,” while they announce that no Jews will be allowed to live in any future Palestinian state.  Israel acts as if it’s business as usual.

How does the spinning drunk make his way home? He stops playing the fool.

Palestinian Television routinely runs videos for children praising martyrdom to kill Israelis. Israel controls the broadcasting license and must stop this and demand public service announcements be run every half hour extollingt peace.

When mullahs preach the destruction of Israel and the Jews, they must be targeted for arrest and the mosque closed.

When European and American anarchists descend on Israel to incite Arabs to riot, arrest them and put them in jail for a year. Make them very uncomfortable so they will never return. Israel has become a bit of a joke to anti-Israel activists as a summer vacation encounter where even tours are offered to give everyone a chance to throw stones at IDF soldiers.

And start a zero tolerance policy about throwing stones at Jews and all Israelis, especially the IDF. Throw a stone and get shot on the spot-period. Today, in their emails, the ISM whines that so and so was shot with a rubber bullet while demonstrating “nonviolently” (by throwing stones with a slingshot). The problem is as we keep building up the totalitarianism and fascism of the other side, we encourage their propaganda duplicity and we assure that Jews and Israelis will always remain targets for attempted annihilation. That is what they really mean when they say “peace”.