Natural Disasters

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The hidden side of natural disasters

Hebrew University research discovers the effect of natural disasters on charitable and criminal activity.

The hidden side of natural disasters

Joplin Sustains Terrible Toll

The deadly multi-vortex tornado took a fearsome toll but Joplin remains in harm's way.

Heavy Rains Mask Twister's Approach Hinder Rescue

Whom by Flood? and Whom Not?

The devastating Mississippi floods are prompting terrible decisions, with small towns sacrificed to preserve the cities.

Mississippi Floods Lash Louisiana and Mississippi

Memphis Spared Mississippi flood

The devastating Mississippi floods have apparently spared Memphis and are headed for Louisiana.

Memphis Spared Mississippi Flood Waters as Defenses Hold

Is Kan the Man

Natural disasters can make or break a political leader and crush or galvanize a nation. History awaits Japan.

A Schroder or a Bush

Twice Unlucky Queensland

A deadly tornado with force stronger than Hurricane Katrina is hitting Australia.

Killer Twister Strikes Australia

Brisbane Torah Scrolls Saved

Brisbane's Torah scrolls rescued by congregation, but 14 people died and dozens more are missing in tragic Brisbane floods.

Brisbane Torah Scrolls Rescued from Raging Flood Waters

Water Threatens Brisbane

Australia's misery continues as floods claim victims and hammer Australia's economy.

Aussie Floods Continue Deadly Advance

Queensland's Assets Submerged

The worst floods in history have struck the fastest growing state in Australia and there are three months left to the rainy season.

"Down Under" Waterlogged