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Trump win buoys hopes for building in Jerusalem, Yesha

Arutz Sheva spoke to Arieh King, in the US to raise money for building new Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem.

Trump win buoys hopes for building in Jerusalem, Yeshaplayer

'The doctor who saved the life of Jerusalem'

Activists credit American-Jewish philanthropist Dr. Irving Moskowitz with the miraculous Jewish revival in Jerusalem; 'He's not gone.'

Paying tribute to 'the doctor who saved the life of Jerusalem'player

Can you keep strategic ranch from becoming Arab?

Israel Land Fund sounds alarm as Arab buyers, likely funded by Saudis, try to take key Negev property from Jewish hands to control region.

Could strategic Jewish farm be taken in Arab land-grab?

Pioneer in Iran, Land Pioneer in Eastern Jerusalem

Video shows Meir Ezri, Israel's first ambassador to Iran, on day he put mezuza on his property after struggle against Arab squatters.

Diplomatic Pioneer in Iran, Land Pioneer in Eastern Jerusalemplayer

Strategic New Town Between Hevron, Gush Etzion

Jerusalem Councilman King secretly purchased and is renovating compound to be key new town in area with only 1 other Jewish town.

Strategic New Jewish Town Between Hevron and Gush Etzion

Jerusalem Councilman: '8 Neighborhoods Judenrein'

Arieh King explains fight to redeem Jewish land in capital against racist government decision, and how Obama's policy is pure anti-Semitism.

Watch: Jerusalem Councilman Reveals '8 Neighborhoods Judenrein'player

ILF: 'Now Is the Time to Invest In Emek Zevulun'

Israel Land Fund project encourages Jewish investment in western Galilee area recently re-zoned for development before the prices soar.

Israel Land Fund Calls on Investors to 'Redeem' Western Galilee

JNF Call for Realism Amid Questionable Record

Ronald Lauder talks anti-Semitism, realism confronting problems. Reports cast doubt on JNF's realism.

JNF Call for Realism on Problems Amid Questionable Track Recordplayer

Candidate: Investing in E. Jerusalem Good for Jews

"Yes, Arabs will benefit," says candidate Arieh King, "but it doesn't matter as long as we invest and keep our city united."

Candidate Arieh King Wants More Jews to Move to E. Jersualem

UN: Evicting Arab Squatters Against Int'l Law

A senior UN official accused Israel of violating the Geneva Convention by evicting Arab squatters from buildings they didn't own

UN: Evicting Arab Squatters 'Violates Geneva Convention'

Rampant Arab Building on JNF Lands

Over 700 illegal Arab housing units have been built on JNF lands in just two years, says Aryeh King of the Israel Land Fund.

Rampant Arab Building on JNF Lands