Comfort for Zion
Comfort for ZionOriginal work by Randy Settenbrino

Palestinian refugee status is the brainchild of the PLO and orchestrated by mass proceeds and assistance of UNRWA, a subsidiary of the world’s largest and most lethal brothel,18 acres in the heart of NYC where men of ill repute deviously buck, howl, and rattle their sabers in a perverse unity dedicated to delegitimizing Israel past the point of ceaseless resolutions into annihilation.

Since 1948, UN via UNHRC and UNRWA has sustained and abetted the proliferation of Arab populations in refugee camps without a legitimate cause and at the misfortune of displaced people who do not have alternatives to connections to shared ethnic, religious, or administrative histories.

Israel absorbed the 1M Jews fleeing for their lives from Arab lands, leaving behind properties and holdings. Most were forced to flee with only their shirts on their backs, yet the UN offered no assistance or compensation for their resettlement.

Simultaneously, many of the 0.7 M Arabs who left Israel made a calculated risk to be out of harm’s way hoping to pivot back and step over dead Jews as they did in the Hevron massacre and claim their revitalized lands, and homes.

Providence had other intentions, and these Arabs ended up permanently displaced. The most logical solution would have been for UNHRC to assist in repatriation to Egypt and Jordan, both administered these areas prior to 1967. However, the Arab league stepped in to block UNHRC resettlement in any of the 22 Arab lands. The intention was to ensure the right of return as a political headlock. The UN rose to the occasion and created an agency to run interference so the Arabs could achieve through political maneuvering that which they could not achieve through war.

Thus, UNRWA was born and developed into the vanguard of tactical measures. UNRWA outperformed, formulating and sustaining a permanent multigenerational refugee status for the former Egyptian and Jordanian Arabs. A fictitious Palestinian Arab people with a pseudo status were designed for a free flow of monies, a capitalization of human holdings, expressly prized for the commercial exchange of financing and dissemination of overt and covert terrorism.

UNRWA became a beard adding credibility, empathy acting in concert with Muslim Brotherhood ideology, indoctrinating as they educate. A "people" were built who would fan the flames of religious war and whose highest intentions are to sacrifice their children’s lives as freewill offerings to Moloch.

Gazans schooled by UNRWA provided textbooks, visual aids, and maps to disseminate the ABCs of how to stab a Jew and provide primers of how they can hone their skills in the arts of murder and mayhem, while providing constant pedagogical preparation required for breeding an Arab Lebensborn movement, which would inculcate generations of pathological mass nihilists ripe for bloodshed and destruction.

Toulouse murders
Toulouse murdersRandy Settenbrino

The Goebbel hype replacement ideology of an Indigenous Palestinians of mythological Philistine proportions, displace the infinite archeological, biblical, historic, linguistic, literary, and physical bond of the Jews to the Holyland. Jewish experienced has been hijacked and the Chosen People are reduced to colonizers.

UNRWA was the greatest ally of top the top brass PLO and lies at the forefront of Arafat and Muhsin’s machinations as stated in the Machiavellian goal of the Palestinian National Charter: “The liberation of Palestine... aims at the elimination of Zionism in Palestine.”

Yasser Arafat, "If there is any such thing as a Palestinian people, it is I, who created them.”

Zahir Muhsein “Palestinian people do not exist. A Palestinian state is a means for continuing our struggle against Israel for Arab unity. No difference bet Jordanians, Palestinians, and Syrians & Lebanese. Only for political &tactical reasons do we speak about Palestinians, Arab national interests demand the existence of a distinct “Palestinians” to oppose Zionism.”

A farcical Palestinian Arab myth of historical ties woven for public consumption. When in actuality the Arabs who fled were the least homogeneous and Indigenous of any Arabs in any of the Arab lands: the 1911 Britannica declared the Muslim population of Israel as a conglomeration of various people from Africa Asia and Europe with local Muslims speaking dozens of languages. In reality, no Arabs were in the land before the 7th century.

The agency has fostered contempt for Israel and has succeeded in commanding disdain for Jews around the world. All this matters not to the UN because the long sought after goal to abort Jewish continuity in historical and Biblical homeland is paramount.

In the climate abroad it doesn’t take much imagination to see how Jews can be cancelled by host societies, and how a momentum for UN resolutions and international court agendas can be programmed to ensure Israel’s sovereignty is atrophied to the point the Jew is bereft of a sanctuary or a place of refuge.

We cannot rely on historical and contemporary facts for our political and social defense nor on alliances and companions who may not prevail. It is up to us to protect the future of Jewish continuity in our homeland. The historic title for this parcel belongs to Israel as a Divine gift and the legal has been paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of war. The Jew must learn he can only survive and flourish when he has the audacity to live and not accept the slightest disrespect from the hordes of hateful, jealous, and misguided creatures who eagerly call for their destruction.

Jewish destiny is calling for the resurrection of a proud sovereign nation. Israel’s will to live must be greater than the faintness of her traumatic exile. Now is the time for Israel to put aside ghetto inclinations that encumbered the fulfillment of safeguarding its future, by an accelerated development of Judea and Samaria and the annexing of Gaza.

Randy/Yisroel Settenbrino is the artist and developer of the Historic Blue Moon Hotel, The Sweet dreams Café and the Last Jewish Tenement Tours, His project was chosen by National Geographic as one of 150 in the Western Hemisphere. He writes on art, psychology, theology, and practical philosophy.He and his wife are also the proud parents of two IDF soldiers serving in the IDF Combat Engineering Corps.