More than 50 days after Hamas terrorists infiltrated the border and murdered more than 1,200 innocent civilians, ZAKA volunteers are still finding new bodies.Once located the bodies can be identified, and family members can properly mourn their loved ones. Instead many have been left in the unbearable status of “missing,” their remains charred beyond recognition or hidden in a remote area.

ZAKA360 teams are currently working together with military personnel to recover bodies from off-road, hard to reach areas. Unfortunately at this time there is a shortage of off-road vehicles, and some remains cannot be reached. ZAKA360 is urgently fundraising to purchase 4 new ATVs, which would enable them to reach otherwise unreachable bodies.

Every day that the remaining bodies go unidentified is another of doubt and fear for their loved ones, who do not know if they are being kept captive. You can help them begin their grieving process by donating to ZAKA360’s cause.