Alexander Maistrovoy
Alexander MaistrovoyA. Maistrovoy

Of the past let us wipe the slate clean

Slave masses, arise, arise

The world is about to change its foundation

We are nothing, let us be everything…(“The Internationale”)

It was a dream come true. What the communists could not do, the globalists did.

Of the past let us wipe the slate clean

• There is no gender identity:

There are no women, and one can’t use the word "ladies". There are no pregnant women, but “pregnant people” only.

There are no men, but there are “X”, nonbinary, they/them. Baby boys are "they" too.

There are LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP+++: Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Pansexual, Gender Fluid, Affectugender (gender affected by fluctuating emotions), Zodiacgender (gender related to a Zodizc sign), Digigender (digital gender: a virus, mp3, .txt etc), Egogender (individual gender), Anongender (I don’t know what gender I am), Pangender (versatile, the most convenient), etc..

One in four children in the UK and 38% of Brown University Students identify with the LGBTQ+ Community.

There are beauty queens – young men.

There are children identifying themselves as cats, dogs, horses or dinosaurs.

Children decide which gender to choose already in kindergarten.

There are secret gender transition closets in public schools.

In Germany, it will be possible to change gender once a year.

* There is no family:

There are polyamorous families, homosexual, transgender and queer families. Now it is not about a courageous prince saving a beautiful princess. It is a love story of two princes.

* There is no Judaism & Christianity

There are beliefs of the New Age: a crazy eclectic mixture of mystical practices, occultism, esotericism, Theosophy, Astrology, Spiritualism, Anthroposophy, Mesmerism, Magic, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Sufism, Sacred Geometry, Meditation, Mediumship, Cults of the Ancients, Shamanism (What have I forgotten?).

There are lizard people, aliens, Satanism, Wicca rituals.

Mankind is waiting for a Zombie Apocalypse. Seriously.

Judaism has a "range of genders".

Christianity has "gender-neutral language". God is queer, or "transgender".

Instead of the Christian dogmas of faith there is the cult of sexual minorities. Jesus as we knew him, is now a “white supremacist” and “racist”. The true Jesus now is George Floyd, The Nashville transgender shooter. It is believed now that Jesus Christ was a transvestite and "non-white".

Good old Catholics with their “canon vision of marriage” are nothing but white supremacists.

As Chesterton said, “When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing -- they believe in anything."

* There is no science

Humanity is returning to the concept of a “flat earth”. Gone are the days of Darwin and Linnaeus, botanist Sir Joseph Banks. They were colonialists, racists and imperialists. The steam engine is a symbol of colonialism.

There isn’t even room left for a little 'gypsy moth'.

* There is no place for morality and ethics

To save the Earth from global warming, we must return to cannibalism.

Pedophiles are “people with a sexual interest in children”. They are a “stigmatized group”, and do not try to oppress them.

* There is no culture

There is no classical music. Mozart, Beethoven and Handel were racists and supremacists.

There is no ballet and no art. There are "dead sharks", and “cows in boxes”.

* There is no chess

The game of chess is a reflection of the white supremacy concept.

• There is no history

The Romans were barbarians, The Visigoths were not. Vikings were Muslims.

King Solomon was an Egyptian Pharaoh, Jesus was the fourth king of Manu, ruler of Edessa.

There is no place for pyramids - they were built by "black slaves".

Books on the history of Canada are burned by the Canadian authorities.

The Battle of Dunkirk was to be fought by people of color & blacks.

The British nobility of the XVIII century practiced cannibalism and produced a potion from the "fat of the dead." (OMG!)

There are no lessons learned about the Holocaust and the Crusades in British schools.

Anne Boleyn and Viking queen were black.

* There are no national traditions

French culture doesn’t exist in and of itself” (Emmanuel Macron).

Swedes must talk to each other with an Arabic accent.

Christmas became "Winterval". The Christmas tree was replaced by an eclectic monster with glowing cubes "Xmas-3"; UK supermarkets don't stock Easter eggs, because this doesn’t follow Halal norms.

The Christian market on the Champs Elysees in Paris was closed.

Goodbye forever 'The Three Little Pigs', Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Also Dr. Seuss. They offend Muslims. (Fortunately for Milne that he did not live to see such a disgrace).

There are no pictures with puppies and no guide dogs: Dogs are considered “unclean animals” in Islam.

And there is no place for crosses either. Especially the "British Cross". Not to mention the Cross on the Pope John Paul II Statue and a cross on the coat of arms of Real Madrid.

Instead of the Day of the Patron Saint of England - St. George's Day, the British celebrate Ramadan. Moreover, Saint George was a ‘Turkish’, ‘Arab’, and ‘a migrant worker’.

* There is no place for monuments

Not only statues of Columbus and Confederate generals, but also of Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Washington, Thomas Jefferson. All of them are ‘Potentially Offensive’..

* There is no philosophy

No place for Plato, Descartes and Kant. Like Aristotle, Roger Bacon, Voltaire, Locke and Mill they are "Dead White European Males" (DWEM).

* There is no classical literature…

No more Gone with the Wind, Pippi Longstockings in the South Seas of Astrid Lindgren, Huckleberry Finn, original novels of Agatha Christie and Ian Fleming, Chaucer, Milton and even Shakespeare. And, of course, Orwell. All of them are carriers of racist, homophobic, chauvinist stereotypes.

Anna Karenina was black woman.

Farewell, Macbeth, Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men and To Kill a Mockingbird. We only need them to “explore ideas about the effects and inherent problems of colonialism” and “the patriarchal system".

*…and no classic children's movies

Goodbye forever, Tom and Jerry, Dumbo, Peter Pan and Jungle Book. Little Mermaid was turned into a black girl.

* There are no women's sports

There are transvestites and men who identify as women participating as female runners, as female cyclers & as powerlifters.

* There is no place for traditional food

Eat yellow mealworms, crickets and locusts.

Rice is killing the planet.

Cheese is synonymous with racism.

Alcohol should also be banned, in the name of 'cultural sensitivity."

There is practically nothing left "The world is about to change its foundation."

So, what remains? Islam only.

* Islam is a religion of peace

Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people”. (Hillary Clinton).

“I also know civilization's debt to Islam. It was Islam – at places like al-Azhar University – that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe's Renaissance and Enlightenment”. (Barack Obama).

In other words, without Islam there would be no Petrarch, Dante, Goethe, Leonardo de Vinci, Edison, Diderot, Montesquieu.

“Islam preaches unity, justice and peace” (Carter Malkasian, a senior advisor to General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff).

Britain has to accept Sharia law. (The Archbishop of Canterbury). Islamic law could benefit society (President of the Supreme Court of the UK Lord Phillips).

* Islam is tolerant and pluralistic

“Beauty is in diversity as freedom is in the hijab”.

Long live Unisex Hijab! A veiled woman is Commissioner for Gender Equality in Belgium.

There is Islamic "rainbow inclusiveness".

Islam is the protector of the LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP+ community.

Homophobia goes against the spirit of Prophet Muhammad’s teachings’.

* Islam is the great past of mankind...

Europeans already know that "Islam is our history".

Islam has always been part of the American fabric”, and “Muslims have been part of American culture for more than 500 years”. (That is, twice as long as the US itself has existed). “Muslim Americans have enriched our country since our founding” (Joe Biden).

The Syrian refugees are like the first American pilgrims on the Mayflower (Barack Obama).

The bloody conquest of the Hagia Sophia by the Ottomans is a triumph of civilization.

*.. and mankind’s no less great future

Long live animal sacrifice, Ramadan celebration in Europe, children's Islamic literature,

halal lunches in schools,-

Sharia legalized pedophilia in Germany and Sweden, and of course polygamous marriages! «Grandfather has four wives»…in Sweden.

Belgian women already wear the Muslim abaya in the EU capital.

* Muslims are victims

Islam is the religion of the persecuted, the oppressed, the suffering people. All other religions and peoples ruthlessly persecute Islam: Christian Supremacists, Jewish Zionists, Orthodox Serbs, Hindus with their leader Narendra Modi, and, of course, cruel Nigerian Christians (which is why they are murdered and kidnapped).

* Islam and terror are incompatible, like ice and fire

“Al Qaeda’s cause is not Islam - it’s a gross distortion of Islam”. (Barack Obama). “Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism”. (Hillary Clinton)

Terror or distortion of Islam, or the result of global warming.

“Muslim terrorism does not exist”, “Global economy, not Islam, inspires terrorism”. (Pope Francis).

All terrorists are mentally unstable people. Mass Muslim violence in France was the result of the influence of ‘Video Games’ (Emmanuel Macron).

On the contrary, the main victims of 9/11 were Muslims. Terrorists responsible for 2015 and 2016 attacks in Paris and Brussels and Mohammed Atta were martyrs.

Somali pirates were environmentalists. (Prince Charles). ISIS is a fashion brand.

Swedes opened SNIPER TRAINING courses for Muslim migrants to let them protect themselves.


It seems simple and a stroke of genius.

First, destroy the basic structure of civilization.

Secondly, create in its place a chaotic giant swamp of thoughtless consumers.

Thirdly, cement this formless "consumer plankton" with strict Sharia norms.

Masses of greedy, superstitious, devoid of critical thinking and moral guidelines people, suspicious and hostile to all that is new, but restrained within the frames of archaic patriarchal laws – no doubt, this is an ideal society, from the point of view of global financiers, tycoons, and of course, Arab sheikhs.

This is the ociety that consumes but is easily controlled and manipulated. This will be the world of Islamic globalism, which will establish itself in the Western Hemisphere.

Alexander Maistrovoyis the author of Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger), available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.