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This past week Mayor Eric Adams did a promotional tour of Israel. He even told a reporter that Israel is one of eight places he would consider moving to when he retires. He toured with Jewish staff and some of New York’s most influential Jewish figures.

Governor Kathy Hochul attended a synagogue event in the Hamptons as her office announced more illegal migrant housing locations located near neighboring Jewish constituencies that oppose the policy.

A special election for an open New York assembly seat focusing on Kew Garden Hills in Queens, New York, pits two young Orthodox Jewish men into a contentious race.

I, as an outspoken Jewish Republican, receive requests almost daily from candidates across the country for my contacts for donors and volunteers. I have also heard that republicans feel they have the “yarmulke” vote and don’t need to meet us anymore.

Jews are not for sale. Jews are in the majority when they join other voters in complete disgust in both parties for allowing our economy to fail and our safety at risk when walking around our neighborhoods,

American Jews are going to vote on three issues this November in local elections and for presidential and congressional candidates next year. They are the cost of living, safety and cleanliness in the community and parental rights for quality education and medical freedom.

Jews will not come out to the polling sites on Election Day or vote early if things remain at the level of the current status quo.

Being a Jewish politician doesn’t matter. Standing in a photo with local rabbis doesn’t matter and joining a rally combating antisemitism doesn’t matter.

What matters is actually fixing the country’s problems and proving a history of successful efforts to improve relationships among your Jewish constituents and others in the district.

Jews have had a long history of supporting candidates of color. So many of today’s national minority leaders got to where they are because of their Jewish constituency and donor base. It’s also true that so much of the Jew hate crimes as researched and documented publicly by groups like the ADL happen in their own hometowns. Where is their success in improving the situation? It’s not in their trips to Israel or posting a press release.

Words are expensive trips are proving to be worthless. Is there an antisemitism task force in your local area? Who is on the team? What organizations are represented? What has this group actually achieved? Is it bipartisan?

A word to the wise-most Jews are angry, frustrated and turned off by everything associated with politics.

Worse, Republicans think they have the Orthodox vote. Democrats think they have the less religious vote. Political strategists are trying to break up the Jewish community.

Hitler didn’t ask what shul or level of observance identified European Jews before he had them march to their deaths. Throughout history as Jews were expelled from different countries, nobody asked if they kept kosher and if they chose to eat Cholov Yisroel.

Today’s politicians and fake news would have you believe that Jews don’t care about Israel. Let me tell you the truth. Everyone, even Israel’s enemies watches every move Israel makes. Israeli technology in every field is desired internationally and real estate prices are at an all time high.

America’s enemies are watching the news about hate crimes against Jews on streets of Manhattan and Los Angeles and are seeing opportunities,\

Jewish voters are smarter than you think. They know endorsements in paid advertisements are just accessories to get attention like the right jewels worn to a red carpet event.

Actions speak louder than words. Prove your history and prove your value as an elected official to Jews, not only in your district, but because every election today, thanks to superPACs and social media, are 24/7 and international.

Jewish lives AND votes matter.

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