Another “N” word that needs to be scrubbed
Another “N” word that needs to be scrubbed

So Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other members of the Trump Administration are being chased out of restaurants while being heckled as Nazis.

Oddly enough, Liberals are featuring Kristallnacht tactics to express their intolerance. Anyone wearing a MAGA tee-shirt is now a target for a Liberal with a grudge.

The mobs want the last word.

Nazis – that’s the word of the moment being hurled by the Left at anyone who supports President Trump, especially] as to his immigration policy.

They’ll be out there with more bullying now that, today, Trump scored a big victory from the Supreme Court for his 7-nation travel ban…inviting even more references to the Nazis.

Which means Americans need to go back to school to learn what the Holocaust was really all about, minus those who actually endured World War II and are still around to tell the story. Unfortunately, that’s a dwindling population. Too few are left. Among them are speakers and writers who usually end up talking to fellow veterans and survivors.   

The rest haven’t paid much attention since elementary school. Throughout the School System there’s been a failure to educate – and now the ignoramuses have come home to roost. We are all paying the price for the

They walk among us, generations who know nothing…nothing except the need for gender equality.
lessons teachers failed to teach. They walk among us, generations who know nothing…nothing except the need for gender equality.

The Nazis over there did not care if you were a man or a woman. One by one, Six Million European Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazis.

Wasn’t that in any of the books? For a time, William Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” was read by nearly everyone, as was Elie Wiesel’s “Night.”

Those books and a thousand more by historians are still being read – mostly by historians. People like Rep. Maxine Waters don’t care.

But let’s give her and Liberals like Peter Fonda the benefit of the doubt – they don’t know. They weren’t taught. Auschwitz 101 seldom came up in class.

At the same time of the Holocaust – another word being tossed around -- 416,800 U.S. soldiers fell in combat; among them 32,338 Jewish G.I. casualties from among the 550,000 Jews who served. That happened over there, but over here, on the Homefront, zero, that is, zero civilian fatalities.

That is a remarkable fact…remarkable for the fact that they died so that their heirs could have the freedom to act wisely or stupidly.

They died at the hands of the Nazis so that today, generations of Liberals can flaunt that word as if it were nothing.

It still means something in Russia. Maybe you had to be invaded by the Nazis to know what a real Nazi looks like and maybe the heroism of our soldiers spared us the grief but left us numb to the pain. Some 20 million Russians were killed during World War II, many of them in combat and many of them within the Soviet motherland, civilians.

That means they know what we will never know and it is doubtful that, even today, they toss that word around as casually as we do. They remember.

Nor do they play with that word wherever the Nazis came to commit bloodshed on a scale so vast in terms of conquest for the purpose of extermination.

Altogether that comes to 60 million people…slaughtered in the name of Nazism.

Apparently, that too never made the curriculum…and neither did the virtues of mannerly debate.  

Time to give that word a rest for the sake of decency.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

He is the author of the international book-to-movie bestseller “Indecent Proposal” and most recently the two inside journalism thrillers “The Bathsheba Deadline” and “News Anchor Sweetheart, Hollywood Edition.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: