14 new Israeli orphans in one month
14 new Israeli orphans in one month

14 Israeli children have become orphans in just one month ....

In just one month in Israel, the same scene took place three times in three different locations: Har Bracha, Havat Gilad and Kochav Hachachar.

  • Hundreds of people crowded in a cemetery, sometimes an improvised one.
  • The victims, all young Israelis, civilians, fathers, husbands.
  • Killed by Palestinian Arab terrorists just because they were Jews.
  • Families in agony.
  • Young wives and mothers in mourning, small communities devastated by the violent death shattering the sense of security.
  • No condemnation by Palestinian “peace partners”.
  • Faint, inaudible voices from Europe.
  • Horrendous newspaper titles.

Western ears and eyes are full of images of Palestinian Arab youths, often impostors like Ahed Tamimi, the darling of the “popular Intifada”, but never of these 14 Israeli orphans. Double orphans. Their fathers killed twice. First by the terrorists. Then by Western indifference.

This is Israel: An attack in Jerusalem was taking place while two funeral services were being held for the two soldiers killed in Mevo Dotan, and the IDF was busy demolishing new tunnels in Gaza built by Hamas to strike the Israelis.

From morning to night, the Palestinian Arabs just think about how to kill the Israelis. They see that Europe is silent after the massacres, the media submit to their hallucinatory nightmarish ideas and the UN pays them. In short, it is one of the unique cases in history in which terrorism is a bonanza, especially if you are a terrorist who is lucky enough to survive the attack. Hot meals, cable tv, newspaper articles and 2,500 euros a month dropped by the puppet in Ramallah who lives on international aid.

What a bleak picture.

Any war must end with a loser. The “peace process” gave the Arabs the illusion that they can achieve final victory over the Jews. The war will end when the Arabs realize they have lost.

Unfortunately, the Palestinian Arabs have not yet understood that Israel is there forever, and will never back down.