Bennett צילום: חיים צח /לע"מ

I greet those going up to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and those celebrating Lag B'Omer around the world.

The celebration on Mt. Meron is an event that expresses love of Israel, bringing people together, holiness and joy.

The celebration brings the entire Jewish people together – religious and secular, ultra-orthodox and traditional, everyone together!

The Government of Israel has made a considerable investment in order to facilitate an extensive and safe participation.

I ask the public to act in accordance with the directives that have been published and to go only with a ticket so that we can have a safe celebration.

This also applies to those celebrating around the country – follow the safety rules.

I thank Deputy Religious Services Minister MK Matan Kahane who took upon himself the work of preparing the event, Israel Police Deputy Commissioner (ret.) Tzvika Tesler who is overseeing the event and the Israel Police officers who will act to safeguard the visitors.

I wish all Israel a happy and safe holiday.